31 July, 2013

#BookReview :: The Case of the Deadly Butter Chicken (Vish Puri #3) by Tarquin Hall

Vish Puri is as fond of butter chicken as the next Punjabi. So when it’s served at the Delhi Durbar hotel at an India Premier League cricket match dinner, he’s the first to tuck in. Faheem Khan, father of Pakistani star cricketer Kamran Khan, can’t resist either. But the creamy dish proves his undoing. After a few mouthfuls, he collapses on the floor, dead...   

I had heard about this series before and so when the book was up for review, I quickly grabbed my chance to snag a copy. I was intrigued by the idea of a British writer writing about Indian Detective.

When a famous Pakistani cricketer’s father is murdered at the Delhi Durbar hotel at an India Premier League cricket match dinner, Vish Puri and his family was present at the event. So, the “Most Private Investigator” takes up the case. But that is not the only mystery and investigator around. There’s also the case of missing moustache and Vish Puri’s Mummyji’s insights to keep you involved. But things start boiling up as Vish Puri starts his investigation… Match-fixing and smuggling are no simple matters to deal with. Will our detective be up to the task?

First things first… Characters! Vish Puri is such an unorthodox figure in the detective world. Nicknamed chubby by his wife, Vish Puri is put on diet but irrespective of his diet pills, he is unable to lose weight. The gobbled up snacks here and there and the occasional binge of Butter chicken is not helping. He is more of an old fashioned detective who relies on clues and information directly available to him than scientific measures. His Mummyji also an asset with her vast experience and insight into life and human nature, she is often able to steer him into the right direction. The plot is quite good. With the help of his trusted employees of the Investigation firm, Tubelight, Facecream, Handbrake [Have to read the previous books to find out what lead to such nicknames] his father-in-law and Mummyji he makes steady progress. Also, Vish Puri’s trip to Pakistan and his change in mentality/outlook was impressive.

What I loved the most is the bulk of information about the two countries and a small recap on the situation during partition of India.  I enjoyed taking this journey with Vish Puri and will surely be picking up the previous books in the series.

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