09 August, 2013

#BookReview :: Here Sat a Key Maker… by Makarand Lohire

Can a poor boy dream of a life with his love? Does the lure of money drive one to betray ones own? Here Sat a Key Maker... is the story of Javed, Shashank, Preity, their simple lives complicated by poverty, love and ambition. Set in the backdrop of sprawling metropolis of Mumbai, will fate be kind enough to fulfill their wishes?

This is the story of a Key Maker by the name of Javed – his life, his problems and his decisions. His life was somewhat mundane. He set up his shop near a traffic signal point, his earnings were bare minimum and he was in love with a girl who regularly crossed the signal point. Then, for better or for worse, things changed one day when he was attacked and four guys came to his rescue. These guys later on gets him involved in making keys to the houses of the rich so that they could rob them with some ease. But it is also how he finally meets the girl he had been admiring at the traffic signal point.

The plot will get the first focus this time because I had accepted the review request based on what the blurb of the book indicated about the plot – it felt different. The author has delivered on that point completely. It has drama, romance and twists and turns to keep its readers engaged. Most of the book is narrated in flashback and alternately by Javed and Shashank. The style of storytelling is admirable though the language was marred by few editorial mistakes.

The characters were well developed and I loved the wide ranges of them. For instance the two main characters – Javed and Shashank were from so different backgrounds yet they gelled well. Then there are the characters of Adesh, Dinesh, Santosh and Preity. They too bring in variety of colour and flavours to the novel and make sure that the story belonged to them as well. At the same time all the characters had something in common – they were all true to life and easy to believe in.

Overall, it made for a couple of hours of entertainment. With another round at a good editor’s desk – it should be easy to like.

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