02 October, 2013

#BookReview :: Popular by Alissa Grosso

Meet the clique that rules Fidelity High: Olivia, Zelda, Nordica, and Shelly, each one handpicked by über-popular Hamilton Best. You know you're "in" when you make the guest list for one of Hamilton's parties. And in the thralls of senior year, everyone wants to get noticed by Hamilton.

But Hamilton's elite entourage is coming apart at the seams. Olivia fantasizes about finally having a boyfriend, Zelda dreams of ditching high school, Nordica wants to be alone with her photography, and Shelly's plotting to dethrone Hamilton. Lies and secrets are ripping away the careful ties that have kept them together for years. But Hamilton has the biggest secret of all, one that only her boyfriend Alex knows. If the truth got out, it would shock everyone and destroy Hamilton's fragile world—and she'll do anything to protect her secret and keep her clique together. 

At first glance and after reading the blurb, this book comes across as a typical high school drama – complete with Barbie girls, bitchy girls, drama and romance.

Hamilton Best is the Queen Bee of her school. She had personally picked each member of her clique. But with High school coming towards an end her clique seems to be falling apart. Olivia has a not so secret crush, Zelda is tired of school, Nordica is scared of being left alone when the other members of the clique graduates and is drawn to photography and Shelly is tired of being the second best. All the while Hamilton is scared of losing them all. Then there’s Alex, Hamilton’s boyfriend – a sweet, nerdy kind of guy who is helping Hamilton keep her biggest secret. With everyone wanting to have things their own way and secrets spilling out every moment, what is really going to happen?

The characters in this book are very distinctive. They are all so varied in their outlook, personality and choices that you wonder how these girls could ever be friends. Each girl’s POV is represented in separate chapters and though it may sound boring at first, these separate chapters actually give us a chance to take a glimpse into each mind as they react differently to each situation. At the same time I feel that Alex is low played in the beginning. With all the different POVs of the same situations and repetitive element of parties in the book give it a very slow start.

The author style of writing and narration is nothing extraordinary but it is rather easy to get lulled by it.
Then comes the twist at about two-third of the book and it is truly amazing. If you pay attention, you will be able to see it coming - you’ll read all the pointers, yet when the twist is revealed, you will be left awestruck. No longer just a typical high school drama, or a drag, the book will then keep you glued to its pages till you find out how it ends. But the key is to hold on to the book till then… which may seem like a difficult task, but trust me, the twist is totally worth it.

Overall, this book was totally worth my time and an entertainer even though I wished for a faster pace throughout.

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