16 January, 2014

#BookReview :: The Einstein Pursuit (Jonathon Payne & David Jones #8) by Chris Kuzneski

A hidden collective of the world's greatest minds has developed a radical new approach to modern medicine which could change everything we know about the human body. But such knowledge does not come without risk. When their laboratory is attacked, it becomes clear that someone will stop at nothing to keep this research from reaching the masses. 
As more details come to light, Investigator Nick Dial realises that these scientists have been operating in the shadows for more than a century. What is more, the team was founded by none other than Albert Einstein himself. What had they learned? And why would someone want them dead?
It is a mystery that draws Payne and Jones in. On a collision course with the man behind the massacre, the duo must follow the history of scientific discovery in order to stop a villain determined to use modern advancements to create his own vision of the future - a future where he alone controls who may live and who will die...

It was pure luck that I had ddiscovered Chris Kuzneski on one of my regular book browsing hours at a leading bookstore chain. Wedged in a haphazard way was ‘The Prophecy’ and being the order freak, when it comes to books, I had to put it back in place :P {Yeah I Know…!!} But the cover caught my eye and I knew I just had to get it after I read the blurb. Looking back, I really owe it to my obsessive behaviour that I discovered this author. But it is by choice that since then I have read four other ‘Pyne & Jones’ mystery and it was a happy day when I received a free copy of the latest – thanks to Hachette India.

A secret science lab in Stockholm is mysteriously burnt down, killing everyone in it. When it is clear that the fire was deliberate, Nick Dial of Interpol takes over the investgation. On the other hand, Payne and Jones are brought into the case by Mattias Sahlberg when he approaches them for help. It is soon clear that the danger to Sahlberg’s life is somehow connected with the incident in Stockholm, but Payne and Jones can only connect the dots when they can save Sahlberg’s life.  But there is a lot more than meets the eye… Why was the lab such a secret that nobody seems to know what they were working on? What is the history behing the Einstein Club and how does it influence these two cases? And most importantly who is behind the massacre in Stockholm and why does he want Stalhberg dead too?

As Chris Kuzneski takes us on a globetrotting journey, it is impossible not to get glued to the book in the very first chapter. The star of the novel is of course its leads – Jonathan Payne and David Jones or the PJ Team as I like to call them ;) They are ex-commandos who are well settled in their civilian lives after retirement. Or maybe not so well settled since they keep finding themselves in all sorts of trouble. But together they are an effective team and a force to reckon with. Equal part brains and brash, these two guys take on trouble head-on. This latest novel in the series continues with maintaining the standard of mystery and action that PJ Team has been offering in every single book. Fast paced and full of action, this book is a complete page turner as we try to find out the secrets behind the mysteries put up to us. The villain means business and is a character that makes things hard for Payne and Jones and more thrilling for us readers.

Awesome read… Chris Kuzneski is seriously one of the TOP thriller writers of the modern age.

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