13 January, 2014

#BookReview :: Stargazing from Nowhere by Isabel Thomas & Marilyn Thomas

Kristen Morgan's blog is about to get her into trouble. Deep trouble. Online, she is known as "Stargazer" from the popular Stargazing from Nowhere blog, while in real life she is a regular fifteen-year-old high school student. This online anonymity is quite liberating, allowing her to be completely honest with her readers. Through a twist of fate, Rising Tide, the band she has bashed the most online, ends up in her small town, which sends Kristen into an excited panic. To continue gathering fresh material for her blog, she poses as a Rising Tide fan. After sneaking into the band's private party, she comes face to face with the band's drummer, Michael Stevens, who happens to be even more gorgeous in person than she cares to admit. Something unexpected also happens to her when she meets him: she becomes giddy, nervous, and inarticulate, leading Kristen to realize that her interest in Michael has nothing to do with her blog, but everything to do with her heart. As Kristen and Michael grow closer, does she have to make a choice between blog or boyfriend...Or is the choice made for her?

I finished reading this book quite some time back but gave it sometime before writing this review because this book raised so many emotions in me that I didn’t know what to do about it. Now that I have given it some space, gone back and some of the portions that kept nagging at me, I think I have come to a place from where I can review this book unbiasedly.

Kristen Morgana, a.k.a, "Stargazer" from the popuof the very popular Blog - Stargazing from Nowhere, is a regular teenager. When Rising Tide, a band she loves to bash on her blog comes to town, she poses as a fan to be able to gather more info on the band. But once she is there and she meets the drummer, things start to get complicated.

First of all, the plot. It is quite simple and predictable. And that would have been okay if only it hadn’t been filled with much too cliched situations and scenes. And then as we talk about characters, Kristen is a typical teenager. Smart, hyper, frustrating at times… you know how we were during those years. Kristen though has a habit of getting herself into awkward and embarrassing situations and as a result the readers have a fun time reading about her. The author has captured the characters very well and reflected them in her book in a way we can all relate to – especially with Kristen and her friend Maggie. I loved Maggie for her straightforward nature and her friendship. I absolutely enjoyed hating Kristen’s mom. But one character that really irritated me was Peter. I just don’t get his pole opposite behaviours in the book. Also, even though I do love a love story between a star and an average person, Kristen & Michael’s chemistry just didn’t have that spark. But what stands out is Kristen’s dillema reagarding her blog and her love interest and how she deals with it.

The author’s story-telling style is simple and engaging which really made it easy to get into the flow of things. Overall, this is a light and fast read and good for when you have just finished reading a heavy book.

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