25 February, 2014

#BookReview :: Winning Over Skylar (Those Hollister Boys) by Julianna Morris

Skylar Gibson isn't the rebellious teen she used to be. Aaron Hollister, on the other hand, is still the entitled rich kid who betrayed her. And if he thinks she'll let his business plans threaten her town, well, he'd better think again. But her first priority is protecting her secret—their fourteen-year-old daughter. 

When the truth comes out, Skylar is shocked by Aaron's reaction. Could there be more to this golden boy than she'd thought? It'll take more than a trip down memory lane to prove he's changed.... 

Skylar Gibson and Aaron Hollister have a shared past and they rather have that history buried in the past - especially Skylar. They have long since moved on with their lives and have stayed out of each other’s ways. But when Aaron comes back to town, with his half-sister Melanie in tow, and take over the family business, it is but a matter of time before their paths cross each other. As Melanie and Karin form a bond, they bring Skylar and Aaron closer too. When sparks start flying, Skylar tries to resist it since she has a secret that can change everything for everyone involved.

I particularly liked this book. First of all the characters are all very independent and are fleshed out in a manner that they bring the story together without ever losing their individuality. Skylar is a strong character - as she is a single mom who is doing a pretty good job of raising her daughter, running her  dead husband’s family business and maintaining a loving relationship with her in-laws. Aaron on the other hand is kind of a contradiction to himself. At times you can see why he had an image of a ‘rich spoiled kid’ but how he has grown over that. He is now a responsible guy. Then on one hand he shows strength while handling his family, yet his vulnerability when it comes to Skylar, Melanie and Karin. But the Melanie-Karin duo takes the cake with their charm.

There is not much ‘wooing’ in the book. It is more like Skylar and Aaron were gravitating towards each other right from the beginning. Melanie and Karin give the much needed push. There is not too much mush and I really enjoyed that. The author narrates the story well to capture the reader's’ attention throughout the book.

Overall this is an awesome book for a couple of hours of light-blissful read.

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