15 April, 2014

#SpecialFeature :: #GuestPost by Howard Roark, Author of Newton's Law Reversed

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*** SPECIAL FEATURE - April'14 ***

"The book is taglined "Conflict: Some evade, some efface, while most embrace" because of the three central characters, Akash, Ganga and Ganesan and their pasts. As human beings, our characteristics are governed by our pasts, and thereby our afflictions, these three characters are, too. There is a certain benefit to wallow in conflicts, which the human mind finds seductive. It's common to not change our wrong ways even when we know it, espousing conflicts, whereas, the smarter and stronger people form the remainder of the population, who can either destroy conflicts in their minds or bypass them. And, in NLR, the central characters, Akash, Ganga and Ganesan are made to undergo conflict in their own individual way and each of them has a thread of conflict that traverses the entire length of the book, and the threads finally end in whether they find resolution to their conflicts and, if so, how.

The book's cover is designed around its tagline, Conflict, which is depicted everywhere on it, from the black and white opposite colour scheme, to the black and white waves that move in opposing directions in an effort to cancel each other, to the rain drops that flow upwards. The black and white waves is a clever Escherian design, (thanks to its designer, Raguraman Ramachandran of Synchro Design) which can be viewed as white waves, black waves or as opposing black and white waves, as if to say that a conflict is present, encouraged or destroyed in a person's mind depending on his/her perspective to a common stimulus. And, of course, the upside down apple depicts reversal of Newton's law, however, it is not any of Newton's laws of motion that is reversed, as per the book. One can find reference to the actual law when he/she reads the book."

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