22 April, 2014

#SpecialFeature :: Meet and greet Ms.Parvathy, from 'Newton's Law Reversed' by Howard Roark

Now Presenting:
*** SPECIAL FEATURE - April'14 ***

Kindly meet Ms. Parvathy, mother of Akash, the lead character of 'Newton's Law Reversed'. A woman of intensity, grit and wit, who embraces life as it unfolds and a mother who gives more than she expects.

Introducing Venkat, the father of the lead character of 'Newton's Law Reversed', the man who is a child within the father that he is - The one that grips the lead character, intrigues him yet satisfies him. The inevitable relationship is stripped of the compulsions and formalities, as the father becomes the friend, like only a father can. Child is father of the man.

Say hello to Ganesan, one of the primary characters of 'Newton's Law Reversed'. Strength, prejudices, convictions, and pithiness comprise his DNA. A person who showed Akash, the lead character, that style is a function of method and not of geography. More of Ganesan when you read 'Newton's Law Reversed'.

The main characters are Ganga and Akash, on whom I wish not to speak, only to reserve for when you read the book, the smiles, the frowns and the pupil dilations.

3 Paperback copies of the book is up for grabs for the Residents of India, Usa and UK. Enter the Rafflecopter below to try your luck

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