30 May, 2014

#BookReview :: The Secret Proposal by Aniesha Brahma

Eight years ago, she was the teenager he would use to get out of boring parties. But now, he is stunned to see her grown up.
He decides to delay his marriage by getting into a false engagement with her. Then he falls in love with someone else and she forces him to move on. He comes back to her, but she’s determined not to take him back. Will she ever get over her unrequited love for him?
Would a grand gesture from him make her believe otherwise?
And how do you know that your knight in shining armour has been standing right next to you?
Join Tanveer ‘Veer’ Bhattacharya and Larissa ‘Jasmine’ Chakraborty as they embark on a journey which questions relationships, friendships and makes one wonder… how long would it take for love to eventually find a way? 

I came to know Aniesha Brahma about a year back through a blogging competition. I was amazed by her enthusiasm and the fact that she is a published author at the young age of 23. Secret Proposal is her debut work and I knew I just had to get my hands on this book and read it myself.

The Secret Proposal is the story of Tanveer Bhattacharya and Larissa Chakraborty and their on-again and off-again relationship. The story begins with Tanveer and Larissa meeting after eight years and each find the other grown up and changed. As they get into a false engagement to ward off marital questions from Tanveer’s end, Tanveer falls for another girl. When Larissa finds out, she forces Tanveer to move on and tries to move on herself. Yet, fate is not done with them. Tanveer comes back to Larissa and she is unwilling to take him back. As they fall in and out of love, the readers are taken on a bumpy rollercoaster ride with its protagonists. What does Tanveer have to do to win Larissa over once and for all? Will Larissa ever find her Knight in shining armour in Tanveer? Read this book for yourself to find out.

This book certainly has every ingredient for a Mills and Boons romance. Two very individual characters, with their own sets of strengths and flaws come together to form a story. The plot is well hashed out and as the confusion of the protagonists’ lives take over, the reader is left with a clear picture of where each character stands. There are certain supporting characters that mesh well into the story. The best part for me was to see my hometown through the author’s eyes. As a non-resident Kolkatan, I love my hometown to bits and particularly miss it during Dussera. Aniesha has captured a slice of that city, the energy of its people and the essence of the celebrations and served it beautifully in her novel. It made me feel homesick! As a romance novel, the plot is pretty predictable but the author makes up for it with her narration and descriptions. 

It is a very promising debut from this young author. I hope to read more from her in the future.

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