22 May, 2014

#SpecialFeature :: Meet the Characters from The Fragile Heart

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*** SPECIAL FEATURE - May 2014 ***

Ankit Jaiswal hails from the city of Joy, Kolkata, from where he has done his schooling. He did his graduation from BCREC, Durgapur. He is currently working as a software professional in Bengaluru. He is an engineer by profession and an artist by heart. He is a movie-maniac and actively follows cricket, football and politics. He is passionate about writing and has been writing poetries since his schooldays. Most of his poetries fall under romantic genre. 'The Fragile Heart', the title which also shares its name with a series of romantic poems written by him, is his debut work in fiction. Best of his works are available on his Blog.

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Introduction to lead characters:

A sensitive and an introvert guy, he is a carefree lad whose life is defined by the company of his close friends. He comes from a conservative background and often struggles to come out of that inertia or rather between his past and his present. He is love-stricken at first sight with a girl in high school and the incident puts an indelible stamp on his life. His life oscillates between being honest to his feelings and being faithful in his life. 

A mind-blowing beauty with brains, she scores both by her looks and her talent. She is magnetic, her eyes do the talking. She is a dream girl for every guy. She is a resilient girl with a mysterious background. A girl who lives by principles, her sacrifices often goes unnoticed and her feelings misunderstood. 

Bubbly, innocent and cherubic, she is a girl who wears emotions up her sleeves. She doesn’t shy from expressing her feelings. She is someone who can really spice up her closed one’s life. She is possessive about her relationships but at the same time very matured to take a crucial decision, even though that ends her up in disappointment.  
Will Jai listen to his heart or his mind? Will he overcome the dilemma between his past and present? Read “The Fragile Heart” to find out… 

Jai, a fun loving guy, puts his heart out in a letter to propose to the love of his life, Geeta, while in the high school in Kolkata. But destiny has different plans for him. What he discovers in response is a letter which superficially throws light on her abrupt disappearance. He is shattered, his fragile heart is broken into pieces.
But you know life doesn't stop for anyone and same was the case with Jai. His world takes a quirky turn when Riya, his junior, bumps into his life in college in Bangalore. She tries to fill the void, in which he had survived for so long. They overcome their constraints and get in a relationship, Jai gets emotionally-employed.
But Jai bears the blunt of tough times when he starts to work in Mumbai and rediscovers someone whom he never expected to meet.
What will Jai do when he is bound to struggle between his past and present? Read out to find this exceptional and heart-touching journey of Jai and how he manages to keep moving after being bombarded with the twist of his life.

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