18 June, 2014

#BookReview :: The Fragile Heart by Ankit Jaiswal

Jai, a fun loving guy, puts his heart out in a letter to propose to the love of his life, Geeta, while in the high school in Kolkata. But destiny has different plans for him. What he discovers in response is a letter which superficially throws light on her abrupt disappearance. He is shattered, his fragile heart is broken into pieces.
But you know life doesn't stop for anyone and same was the case with Jai. His world takes a quirky turn when Riya, his junior, bumps into his life in college in Bangalore. She tries to fill the void, in which he had survived for so long. They overcome their constraints and get in a relationship, Jai gets emotionally-employed.
But Jai bears the blunt of tough times when he starts to work in Mumbai and rediscovers someone whom he never expected to meet.
What will Jai do when he is bound to struggle between his past and present? Read out to find this exceptional and heart-touching journey of Jai and how he manages to keep moving after being bombarded with the twist of his life

The Fragile Heart is essentially the story of Jai and his emotional roller coaster. While still in school, Jai falls for a girl. Soon after much research he discovers more about her – Geeta. After days of agonizing over her, Jai finally manages to profess his love for her in a letter. But Geeta walks out of his life leaving Jai’s love unfulfilled. He nurses a broken heart for quite long and it is only during his college life in Bangalore that Riya walks into his life. Riya manages to touch his broken heart and maybe even heal it. But what’s a story without a twist. Geeta walks back into his life at Mumbai. To find out what happens next is why you should read this book.

Jai, Geeta and Riya are all characters that a relatable to. They are all like the youth of our generation – influenced by Bollywood in the matters of the heart. I particularly enjoyed the part where Riya first walks into Jai’s life and their quirky interactions. But sadly enough that is the highlight of the book. The plot is straightforward and doesn’t provide for much scope of twists and surprises. So probably everyone will be able to guess ‘What Happens’. The author shows promise in his narration style though his language needs some polish and the book could do with another around at the editor’s desk.

Overall, this book wasn’t a hit or a miss and failed to make a permanent impression.

I rate this book a 2.5 Hearts

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