24 June, 2014

#GuestPost by Rue, #Author of It's Not My Favourite

Rue graduated from Pepperdine University in Southern California with a degree in Journalism. Her intimate knowledge of the Midwestern United States, the inordinate amount of time she spent in its churches’ pews and her unique parentage make her an expert on life after religion. Having moved 17 times by the time she graduated from high school Rue has seen more than her share of the Great Plains. She never stayed in one place long enough to make human friends. Her best friends were all characters from her beloved books; and the love of reading led to a lifelong passion for writing.

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Thank you Debdatta, for the invitation to write a Guest Post for your Blog. I loved the suggestion to write about my characters. Writing “It’s Not My Favorite” was an interesting emotional journey. I knew I wanted to write the story of these sisters, I knew they lived in Minnesota, but I did not know how much fun it would be to get to know them!

Gwenn was the first sister to take shape in my mind. (Oddly, she began as a “Kate,” but by the end of the first draft she was demanding a new name!) Gwenn fascinated me, because she worked so hard to make everyone around her happy, while she was miserable. I wanted to help her find some little piece of happiness—something all her own.

Rachel was originally a minor character, but within a few chapters it became clear to me that Gwenn and Rachel would share top billing. I fell in love with Rachel’s love of life and I was furious when I discovered the root of the problem with her girlfriend Annie.

The relationship between the sisters is the cornerstone of their survival. At the end of the day, when everyone else has abandoned them, they can draw strength from each other.

However, the relationship does need some boundaries! As Gwenn’s story developed I discovered she was terrible at setting boundaries. I think this will be something she continues to struggle with throughout the series.

Rachel is a lesbian. There I’ve said it—the truth is out. The wonderful part of Rachel’s story is the complete normalcy of her life. She struggles, she has relationship dramas and she has issues with her parents…just like everyone else. 

As the story unfolded I hoped that it would bridge the gap between GLBTQ (LGBTQ) romance/humor and Contemporary romance/humor. Rather than targeting a GLBTQ (LGBTQ) audience, specifically, I hoped this book could slip quietly into the mainstream and allow a far wider audience to experience a character they might normally miss.

In addition to the main characters, “It’s Not My Favorite” has a host of secondary and minor characters that were a blast to write!

Todd – the snarky but loyal-to-the-death assistant.
Randy – Gwenn’s fabulous, gay, designer friend.
Shirley – the pastor’s wife and world’s “judgey-est” mom.
Pastor Ed – Shirley’s husband and the fundamentalist force behind the family’s dysfunction.
Annie – Rachel’s rock-star girlfriend.
Henry – the man-whore.
Yvonne – the socialite-whore.
Flora – the quiet, efficient assistant to Gwenn—with a tortured past.
Thea – the hotter-than-the-sun salesperson at Gwenn’s office.
Frankie – the UFC fighter, turned trainer.

And let’s not forget Daniel. Yum, yum, yum! I can’t say too much about his character without huge spoilers. However, I can say it was incredibly comfortable inside his head. He is so much more than meets the eye and I enjoyed getting to know the deeper side of his character. Discovering the depth of tragedy he had endured was shocking, and seeing what he had accomplished—sober, was thrilling.

Thank you for letting me give you a peek behind the scenes. I hope you will take some time and get to know Gwenn, Rachel, Daniel and all the rest!

Book Title: "It's Not My Favorite" (The Lake Effect Series, Book 1)
Author Name: Rue 
Publication Date: April 21, 2014 (Paperback); May 30, 2014 (Electronic Book)
Genre - Fiction (Chick Lit, Romance, Contemporary, LGBT)

The Hutchinson sisters grew up under the piercing, pious stare of a preacher’s wife. Plagued by her ever-disappointed refrain, “Well, it’s not my favorite.” Their search to find their own way in the world has not been a screaming success.
Gwenn is a good girl, a responsible girl…a miserable girl. Her steady diet of vivid fantasies is the only part of her life she enjoys. She daydreams of new parents, a more exciting job and an actual love life. She struggles to run a business as The Organizer, while she stacks relationship carcasses in the closet of her own completely unorganized life. Her only real friend is her younger sister, Rachel.
Rachel is outgoing, risqué and happily gay. The only people who don’t know this little secret are her judgmental parents, Pastor Ed and Shirley. Rachel struggles mightily to dodge her mother’s constant attempts to set her up with “nice Christian boys”; while holding down a job at the bakery and keeping up with her rock-star girlfriend!
Gwenn uncovers a photo that brings her imaginary world careening into reality. She’s forced to ask herself if wealthy artist, Daniel Gregory is the answer she’s been seeking or a grand delusion.
Break-ups, meltdowns, family secrets, wild nights and finally a journey of self-discovery to exotic New Zealand keep Gwenn and Rachel stumbling toward independence.
So grab your parka and join the Hutchinson girls, as they experience the Lake Effect in Duluth, Minnesota!

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  1. Thank you - again - for the opportunity to share the Hutchinsons with your readers!