08 July, 2014

#SpecialFeature :: #CharacterSketch of Michael Dunhill by B.PManning

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*** SPECIAL FEATURE - July 2014 ***

About the Book
Ever the consummate professional, years of staunch dedication paid dividend when Hollywood made Julia Berwick the offer of a lifetime, an alluring proposition she could not refuse. Michael Dunhill——rumored a resurrected knave——emerged as the man brandishing the check. A renowned scoundrel with whom her alliance was now linked, an association she soon discovered came with dire stipulations attached. 
Coerced into partaking in a tryst, Julia soon found her agreement to be a severe miscalculation. Locked now in a battle of will and lascivious demands with the handsome Adonis himself, the simplicity of lust quickly spiraled into rivalry, as both drudged further in their quest to outwit, outlast and outmaneuver the other.   

Character of Michael Dunhill

A venerated scion of Hollywood royalty, Michael James Dunhill, the younger of two boys, was born to William and Hyacinth Dunhill. Coddled in his upbringing by fame and wealth, the spotlight grew to be his guiding force and, too, the essence of his discontent. Virulent in his charm and wild, he was labeled throughout his young life as a loss cause. A well-publicized addict at twenty, life held little importance beyond the endless parties riddled amidst a vacant path, his equally debased circle of friends and the nirvana of his next fix. The nucleus of which persisted through the near entirety of his twenties, though the tragic death of his brother encouraged the spiraling descent as strongly as it fostered his rise.

Although a college graduate, an achievement he made due to the constant participation and aid of his parents and the persistent duress of an empathetic professor, Charles DiMarco, earning himself a mechanical engineering degree he had yet to use. His intelligence is rarely the focus when his name is brandish about. Although rueful of his caustic past, a fact shown in the formulas chosen to define his ways, the playboy of old was never far from sight. An active social life keeps an already full plate rightly brimming. Voted the sexiest man in People Magazine two years in a row, his face is never far from the media’s sight, though he seeks the solitude to be had in remaining obscure, choosing instead to live as far as possible away from the public eye.   
The man reputed once as a rake, grew, in time, into a respected producer and friend. Best friend and partner to Phillip Brevard, a secret source, he often attested to himself, of his strength. He’s since established himself as a force to be reckoned with as a director as well as one with a savagely wicked business sense. Six feet three inches in height, he wears the beauty of his features well. Born of Italian and French heritage, his olive complexion, dazzling hazel eyes and sinewy frame is a source of ceaseless distraction wherever he goes.
Insightful, witty, conscientious and kind, his work ethic root deep as does his need to contribute to those in need. A practice established early by both parents. Although his affectionately named second family, one of African descent who adopted him in his time of need, launched in him a greater need to be benevolent. An essential practice he has since strived to live up to. Spear-heading numerous charities to aid in his cause, life for the hulking Adonis flourished as a limitless well of generosity and drive. Accentuating the man and his survival of an upended vessel, proving himself contrary to the boy he once was.

About the Author

A ravenous reader with equal passion for travel and the plotting of anything new, my love of words seemed, at times, a blotch on the very core of my DNA, and has been the recurrent source of many jests from my children—the title nerd has been established more than once.  Yet the sound, meaning and inference, cannot be more beautiful than those in the notes of a newly toned word, or in the coupling of such to lay forth a vision. With as little as a single word we can open the world to those around us, garner a smile or lay bare intrigue. Yes, such morpheme can wrought a symphony when showcased at its best, doth those cords strum you as it does me? Then smile, as I am with you.  Salacious and sweet, it wrung further forward as your key.
As you can see, I’m clearly odd in my thinking, odd in my views and downright peculiar in my descriptive and the structure in which I write. Among my many faults, a fact I’m sure you’ve already surmised, emotions are my perpetual weakness. I’m wooed by it, seduced and persuaded by it, touched and enthralled by the various colliery of it all. Whatever the scenario or the plot that charged through my thoughts, the emotional furor in each turn scramble just as eagerly through, be it harsh or be it sweet, the significance is still the same. It’s the medicine I search for when I read, it’s the way I interact with my children and, in many aspect, the way I live my life. 

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