29 July, 2014

#BookReview :: False Witness by Randy Singer

An Explosive Secret. 
An Invaluable Code. 
An Unreliable Witness

Three ambitious law students at a local legal aid clinic watch as their routine case representing a man named David Hoffman ignites an incendiary trail of deception and betrayal. A member of the witness protection program, Hoffman has defrauded the government and eluded the Mob’s pursuit of his stunning secret: a coded algorithm capable of crippling the Internet and disarming national security. 

Because of the intense threat posed by such a code, federal agents want Hoffman dead or alive. But the Mob wants him alive, more than willing to obtain the algorithm by whatever means necessary. And the would-be lawyers–caught in the middle of this deadly triangle–must overcome their differences and work together if they’re to survive long enough to graduate. 

On one hand we have Professor Kumari and his young protégée trying to sell an algorithm, but the dealgoes sideways and soon Professor Kumari is on the run. Enter Clark Shealy, a professional bail bondsman, whose wife has been kidnapped and has 48 hours to locate Professor Kumari or his wife suffers the consequences. Then we have Attorney Jamie Brock and a man named David Hoffman to account for in the same plot. Deceit, betrayal, murder and lots of action packed into one novel – False Witness.

This is my first time reading a Randy Singer novel and frankly it reminded me of a James Patterson Novel. Short chapters, fast pace and action from the very beginning… However, Randy Singer stands on his own and holds the fort quite well. The characters in this book come from varied backgrounds with different colours and they are all interesting. I particularly liked Jessica’s, Clark Shealy’s wife, spirit. I wish there was more of a scope for her. I also liked the three law students and hope they will return in some other book as I would love to get to know them better. Each character had different shades in them. Good guys were not overly good and the bad guys weren’t completely bad and this particular aspect is what I liked the most in Randy Singer’s characterization. 

There is action, drama and suspense – a full fledged thriller that has you turning the pages right till the end.

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