11 July, 2014

#BookReview :: Manhattan Mango by Madhuri Iyer

Q. What happens when three ambitious, high-achieving, 20-something Mumbaikars become New Yorkers?
A. Madness.

Zipping through life’s ups and downs like a high-speed elevator during rush hour, buddies Shri, Shanks, and Neel hold on to each other, and their sanity, with a bro-hood bonding that chipkos them together, fevicol se.

Neel’s the driven hedge fund guy, with a weakness for scotch and women. Tam Brahm Shanks, a techie, falls for the "wrong” girl. Good Son Shri, a banker, holds a secret he means to take to his grave. Their intertwined lives buzz with high-voltage drama — explosive secrets, super-charged romances, and a-fuse-a-minute meltdowns.

There’s alcohol-fueled passion, Devdas style. Inter-racial hook-ups. Even a fake affair, because money can’t buy the real thing. When their skyscraper-sized dreams are tested, this “desified” saga of friends in Manhattan is like the city’s rapid transit express subway line. You won’t want any stops in between.

Three young and dynamic Mumbaikars end up together in New York. Neel is a hedge fund guy, with a weakness for scotch and women. Shanks is a techie who falls for the wrong girl. Shri is a banker with a secret he means to take to his grave. Together they form the ‘Ganpat Gang’ – a name after their favourite song. Amidst their fast paced life, scotch, girls and affairs, their friendship remains rock solid and Manhattan Mango is the story of the Ganpat Gang!

As the story follows these three Mumbaikars, are all set for one hell of a roller coaster journey as their lives reach the highest of the high or falls real low. They meet and share their lives with each other. Their characters are well thought out and well painted through the pages. These are guys that each of us know in our real lives too and easy to connect to and empathize with. And soon we are introduced to various other side characters who enter the scene just in time to add a new flavor to the story. There are certain superficial instances that you roll your eyes at but go along with. Well written and well narrated, Madhuri Iyer has an easy style of telling a story that is thoroughly inviting.

With a predictable ending, this book provided for a couple of hours of undiluted fun!

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