24 July, 2014

#BookReview :: Dites Oui: Say Yes by B.P. Manning

Ever the consummate professional, years of staunch dedication paid dividend when Hollywood made Julia Berwick the offer of a lifetime, an alluring proposition she could not refuse. Michael Dunhill——rumored a resurrected knave——emerged as the man brandishing the check. A renowned scoundrel with whom her alliance was now linked, an association she soon discovered came with dire stipulations attached. 

Coerced into partaking in a tryst, Julia soon found her agreement to be a severe miscalculation. Locked now in a battle of will and lascivious demands with the handsome Adonis himself, the simplicity of lust quickly spiraled into rivalry, as both drudged further in their quest to outwit, outlast and outmaneuver the other.

Julia Berwick is a professional to the core. Years of hard work finally pays off when she gets an offer she cannot refuse. However it means associating with Michael Dunhill who has a reputation. Unable to resist, she takes the offer, hoping she would be able to avoid any scandals. But Michael Dunhill is not an easy man to handle – especially when there is lust involved. Their rivalry and quick banter has the potential to turn more, but are either of them interested?

The first thing about this book that one notices is its size. It is enormous and even to a book addict like me, it offered a certain challenge. I was at first afraid to pick it up because of its size and weight and the nagging in my mind said that I may not like it enough to lug the book around with me. However, I had accepted a review copy in exchange for my honest review and so I started with it.

The author’s narration style catches up on you immediately. Detailed and yet simple, the author narrates the story with such confidence and authority that it immediately warms you up to the story. Then comes the characters, slowly building up as the story progresses. Julia Berwick is a character I enjoyed reading about. There is a certain strength in her personality, that I imagine everybody would notice her when she entered a crowded room. Michael Dunhill on the other hand has many shades. The supporting characters add flair to the story and each has something to contribute. My only issue was the pace which could have been a bit faster. 

Overall this made for an interesting and fun read.

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