05 September, 2014

#GuestPost by #Author Rory Scherer

After being laid off at my latest company that fell victim to insider fraud, and the job market at its lowest point in years, I decided to follow the advice of my self-made millionaire friend and become 'The Professional Freelancer'. Spiraling out of control, I found myself involved in several extremely dangerous situations that strangely all seem to be connected involving the mafia, a Korean street gang, a white-collar crime, and masterminding the annual euchre championships at a senior citizens retirement home.

MY REVIEW OF MY OWN E-BOOK: 5 out of 5 stars!!!  

This review is in no way biased...and when I state 'is in no way' I mean it is completely biased as I am the author.  

The Professional Freelancer is the awesomest e-book is the history of the universe...plain and simple. It appeals to anyone who, at some low point in their life, has taken on a job that they hate. Which I believe is 99% of us (and the other 1% are probably lying...but I digress).  

I love the style in which it was written...kudos to the author...in that I felt like the protagonist was talking directly to me making it a much more intimate experience...slow down there, I mean a much more intimate reading experience. I wasn't referring to one of Will’s moments alone with his computer – Will being one of the supporting characters.  

On a more serious note, The Professional Freelancer’s underlying themes tackle some important issues such as the 1% versus the 99% and its ripple effects, the value of friendship, and without even realizing it until I finished reading the e-book – how everyone, and I mean everyone, has some level of prejudice in them. If you thought The Usual Suspects or The Sixth Sense had a great ending, The Professional Freelancer will blow you away, not literally of course as it is only $0.99 and typically those types of servi…I think I’ll stop and get back to my point which is once I finished reading (or should I say writing?) The Professional Freelancer, it helped me realize my own prejudices. I dare anyone to read it and honestly state that once they clue into the twist that I am referring to, it did not reveal their own prejudices and pre-judgments.  

And for those of you who know me, this is a work of fiction. I did not write about my own experiences…or did I? Hmmmmmmmmm…

About the Author
This is Rory Scherer's first novel.  He previously published an ebook (a picture book) back in 2012 titled Rhyme Time - They Meet.  The logline is - a butcher, baker, and candlesticker attempt to remove 'Fat' Tony Palmenterri, the don of the mafia, from power in Little Italy during The Great Depression.  With an overwhelming response from Amazon reviewers, Rory decided to write a novel based on a topic he knows best...hating your day job.

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