08 September, 2014

#SpecialFeature :: Love Lasts Forever... by Vikrant Khanna

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*** SPECIAL FEATURE - September 2014 ***

A sailor by profession and a writer by passion, Vikrant has penned two novels before this. He lives in Delhi with his family.

So you think your love can last forever…? Get married!

Eighteen year old Ronit falls madly in love with Aisha the moment he meets her at his graduation day from a naval college. He believes he has found his perfect soul mate, and come what may, his love for her will last forever.
Seven years later, he gets married to her. Big mistake!
A week later he completely hates her and believes she has turned into a devil. 
But his perception about love and life change when he hears the poignant love story of Shekhar, his Captain, on a ship that later gets hijacked by the pirates of Somalia. 
As they are left fighting for their lives they confront if love truly can last forever…? But does it get too late?

Reviews of the Book

I would recommend all to read this wonderful love story..!!!  ~ Saravanan Pandi on Goodreads

this book forms a delightful read with a message to all those who are in relationship. ~ Himani Agarwal on Goodreads

It not only makes you believe in love, But you feel like you know the characters and can relate to them. ~ Simran on Amazon

It is an amazing heart wrenching tale of love and life. ~ Reader on Amazon
2 Paperback Copies of Love Lasts Forever by Vikrant Khanna for Indian Residents Only

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