13 October, 2014

#GuestPost :: Dragon Knight and the Heart's Blood Curse by Diane Rapp

Diane Rapp became an entrepreneur when she started her own dog grooming salon in Santa Barbara, California. She spent the next thirty years as a small business owner; she sold real estate, started an office supply/copy center, and performed free-lance advertising design. During all those years Diane wrote stories as a cure for insomnia. the idea of writing a mystery set on cruise ships in the Caribbean.

"Murder Caribbean-Style" and "Murder on a Ghost Ship" are the first two novels of a High Seas Mystery series. Readers meet the main characters of the series and learn about life aboard a ship while solving murders. There is danger and romance mixed in with the action. "Murder for Glacier Blue" was released in August of 2013. It takes the reader on a cruise to Alaska with an art heist, murder, and a wedding planned for Glacier Bay. 

"The Alphas" is the prequel to the Heirs to the Throne Trilogy, book 1 Howl of the Wolf. It introduces the dogs and wolves that eventually formed the pack that travel through space to inhabit Drako. The story is also a mystery, in which the heroine solves the murder of an old friend and discovers why her beloved German Shepherd was stolen.

"Howl of the Wolf" is the first book in Diane's science fiction trilogy, Heirs to the Throne. It introduces the planet Drako, telepathic wolves, and the crew of the space ship that took sanctuary on a planet that banned technology. In the second book, "The Havenshire Resistance", Queen Krystal's teenage daughters learn to use inherited powers. They join an army of Samurai women, telepathic wolves, and commoners to save the kingdom from an evil usurper. The third book of the trilogy is "Dragon Defense". The planet is under threat by an Institute battleship. King Donovan must train teenagers to operate forbidden defense technology while his daughters make friends with a flock of wild dragons.

Diane's newest release is "Dragon Knight and the Heart's Blood Curse". It is a modern fantasy that adults will enjoy reading to their kids, or just read for themselves. When a witch turns a magnificent dragon into a knight, he must complete a quest to regain his dragon form. A demon is stealing dead musicians from the mundane world and forcing them to sing songs that change people into evil beings. Now he plans to steal a living musician, Jimmy Buffett. If he succeeds, he can destroy the barriers between the worlds and the underworld will rule everyone. Dragon is the only creature who can destroy the demon.

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An ancient dragon finds himself in odd trouble: 
My main character of DRAGON KNIGHT AND THE HEART’S BLOOD CURSE is simply called Dragon. It’s true that humans mistake him for the knight named Sir Percival but the disguise is helpful. In the mundane world we might believe that dragons are fictional, but in the magical realm everyone knows they are very real. Dragon is an ancient creature who lives in the magical realm. He is imbued with centuries of real magic that dripped from stalactites onto his egg and continued to drip onto his grown body. He minds his own business living deep in a volcanic cavern, but when his favorite meal (maiden) suddenly pops into his cave, he takes advantage of a free meal. Any dragon would. 

The mundane world and the magical realm are two worlds separated by strong barriers.
At one time the two worlds were one and magic existed everywhere. When people stopped believing in magical creatures and started developed the mundane magic in machines, the two worlds split and strong barriers kept them apart. A demon named Sandoval has been stealing dead famous musicians at the moment of their death and forcing them to perform endlessly to infect the magical realm to accomplish his evil plan. As he gained a store of magical power, Sandoval initiates his final plan. He will steal a live musician, Jimmy Buffett, and destroy the barriers between the worlds to liberate the underworld. This fairy tale takes place mostly in the magical realm but the reader also glimpses important action taking place in the mundane world as Emery and Nicole (Robyn’s parents) try to protect Jimmy Buffett from the demon’s plan to use mundane magic to destroy the barriers. 

Why is Dragon an important character in the fairy tale? 
Dragon has been sleeping through all the turmoil in the magical realm. He doesn’t realize that Sandoval recently sent his minions to kill all the dragons. He’s now the last dragon in the kingdom and the only creature who could defeat the demon and restore order. 

What event propels Dragon into action? 
When Dragon accepted the maiden as tribute, he enjoyed his last good meal. When the witch named Bellatrix confronts Dragon, he tries to explain that the girl was already dead when she popped into his cavern. It didn’t matter to the furious witch. She turns him into a knight by using a heart’s blood curse and forces him to set out on an odd quest. In order to become a dragon once again, Dragon must perform an important task for a young sorceress named Robyn. He really hates being a human and is determined to regain his regal dragon form. Traveling through the kingdom in human guise is dangerous and friends join him on the journey. 

Lessons learned along the way. 
While Dragon travels through the magical realm to complete his quest, he learns about the dire problems in the kingdom caused by the demon, Sandoval. A brave human squire named Duncan aids him in his quest. They face zombies, vampires, ghosts, and harpies during the dangerous journey. Dragon makes several friends and learns lessons that will influence his future life. An ancient dragon can learn important lessons and change his outlook. 

While sleeping off a large meal, Dragon is rudely awakened by a foul-tempered witch named Bellatrix.  Hysterical about the murder of her daughter, a maiden who popped into his cavern as Dragon’s meal, she performs an irrational act.  Bellatrix uses the Heart’s Blood Curse to transform Dragon into a knight. 
Dragon had pleaded his case, tried to tell the witch that the girl was already dead when she arrived, but the blasted witch wouldn’t listen to reason.  It wasn’t his fault that he devoured the maiden.  He was merely behaving like a dragon, after all, maiden is his favorite meal.  You can’t expect a hungry dragon to ignore the delicate flavor and tender flesh of such an offering.
To reverse the horrid Heart’s Blood Curse, Dragon is forced on a quest he knows little about.  He must journey by foot to Castle Trelfor and perform a brave deed for the castle’s young sorceress.  Once the task is complete, the witch will grant him one spell, and he can become a magnificent dragon once again. 
During the treacherous journey, Dragon learns lessons about friendship and valor, facing down giant spiders, zombies, vampires, ghosts, and harpies.  Will Dragon be able to save the magical realm from the diabolical plot of a powerful demon?  The futures of the mundane world and his magical realm hang in the balance.  The Dragon Knight must win the day.

This book includes two bonus short stories.  These two futuristic animal tales will tantalize readers and hopefully make them want more. 
The first story, Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright, takes place sometime in the future.  It is set in a wildlife sanctuary that was established by the government in the defunct state of Florida.  A wildlife ranger is called to hunt down a killer tiger, but he finds that he must unravel the mystery behind the deaths of several park squatters.  These hardy people refused to be evacuated from the dangers of Florida when the government tried to make them leave their homes.  Why would people prefer to live in primitive conditions and risk becoming prey to a lethal tiger?
The second short story, Tracking the Enemy, Sasha’s Story, gives readers a follow-up account of the she-wolf, Sasha, and her German Shepherd mate, Maverick.  These two animals played key roles in the mystery/sci-fi novel The Alphas.  We learn more about the pack as Sasha follows the cruel dog trainer, Sam Woodruff, to rescue her mate.  This clever wolf will win your heart as she strives to defeat a brutal man in a deadly game of tracking the enemy.  Can she escape from a man who has the resources to track her down or turn the tables on him?


DRAGON KNIGHT AND THE HEART’S BLOOD CURSE is available in print and e-book formats. 

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  1. Fun post, Diane. I love your books, but Dragon Knight may be my favorite. :D