25 November, 2014

#GuestPost :: My Solution to Writer’s Block and Character Development in General by Roselyn Jewell

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My Solution to Writer’s Block and Character Development in General

I’ll be honest; this is my first guest post! So I was racking my brain, Googling, etc. looking for topics and finally, I decided to share with everyone my personal solution to writer’s block, which is also my method for coming up with my plot lines and character development in general. What writer hasn’t had writer’s block at some point? I think we can all agree, it’s no fun at all. 

So when I decided that I was going to start writing with the goal of self-publishing, one of my first obstacles was what the heck do I do about writer’s block? I had set a really high goal for myself, which I have yet to attain. My goal ultimately is to get to a point where I can be completing one book every few months, a very high aspiration. However, I believe it’s doable with the right process (and of course massive amounts of dedication and hard work!). Thus, my process was born. 

What I did was write down as many plot points, character traits, settings, etc. that I could think of. These might have been something that was used in one of my fav books, something I had always wanted to write about, things seen on TV, experiences of myself, my family, friends, neighbors, etc. Personality traits from myself, loved ones, random people, co-workers, you get the point. Some settings are places I’ve lived or vacationed at, others are ones I’ve always wanted to see but haven’t yet had the chance. 

Anyway, I have all of these on scraps of paper. I started out with around 50 and I continue to add to it or change some out as they are used. When I need a new plot, character, and/or setting for one of my books, I put the scraps of paper into a hat and draw out about 8 plot points, 3-5 character traits, and 1-2 settings. Then I challenge myself to put them all together and make an outline for a novel out of it, and then write the actual novel. 

I find it makes for some interesting stories, as the plot lines don’t always seem like they’d go together, but that’s half the fun ;) For me it provides a fun challenge, motivation to figure out how to fit it all together, and in the process it cuts down on the writer’s block since once I have my outline, I follow it and I don’t have to stop and think okay, what now?  I’m not going to say it eliminates writer’s block completely because I could still get stuck coming up with exact dialogue or things like that. But it has definitely lessened the blocks, which is extremely helpful. Plus it allows for quicker writing, as I don’t have to spend lots of time agonizing over character traits or the right setting, etc.
There you have it, my writing and character development process and also my solution to writer’s block. I truly hope that other authors, whether already published or aspiring, find this helpful and may want to even give it a try. 

Roselyn Jewell's Books:

Degrees of Separation
Victoria has worked hard to become a high ranking agent in a top secret government organization. She's always been happy and secure with her life that way it is. All that changes when an old rival comes back into her life. They realize they have feelings for each other, only to be told that he is going to be sent on a suicide mission. Victoria is faced with the choice of going against her job and everything she thought she believed in, to save the man who she thinks just may be the love of her life. 

Stealing Back Love
Amy Holden’s life is a mess—but when she meets an old flame at her high school reunion she finds her passion for life rekindled. But is Marc Nicolli really everything she wants? Or is there more lurking beneath that handsome surface than she can handle? Marc keeps tempting her to do the unthinkable—have a hot, sexy affair with him. But Amy isn’t sure if he wants anything more than a trip down memory lane and a good time in bed. Is he out to steal her away from everything she knows about safety and suburban life? Or maybe he’s out to steal her heart for good this second time around.

The Cuneiform Caper
When Reese Walker finds what she suspects is a very valuable and career changing artifact, she is beyond elated! She seeks approval to fund further research and find the answers she so desperately seeks regarding her find. However, just as she gets that funding, her world gets turned upside down when the artifact is stolen. With very few leads to go on, she embarks on a journey that turns out to be so much more than she bargained for, both professionally and personally. 


The Family Garden
There is a saying that goes, “You reap what you sow.” If your life was a garden and your family, your seeds, what would your family garden look like? For Samantha and Richard, life isn’t always what they planned. They couldn’t be more proud of their children, their home and the life they built together. But when storms come to weather their lives, will the roots that Samantha and Richard planted together be strong enough to fight the storm, or will they dig in, stand firm and wait for the sun to shine again? 
In The Family Garden, readers are treated to a broad spectrum of matters of the heart. When it comes to love, nothing is as it seems. We all have masks, and what is revealed beyond our disguises is enough to take your breath away.

Coffee, Love, and Other Stimulants
Good coffee is easy—true love is a little harder for Kate, a pharmaceutical student who has a knack for finding the wrong man. While she finishes college, Kate tries to focus on a life where hazelnut syrup in her coffee is enough of a satisfaction. But what is she to do when the wrong guys keep hitting on her? It’s no help that her roommate Samantha—aka Sam—has already found the love of her life and keeps urging Kate to live it up a little. But will Kate wake up and smell the love in the air and realize Mr. Right has actually been right next to her for a very long time?

The Manifestation of Love
For years, all Lilly has cared about was great sex. This was in part due to the fact that arranged marriages are a big part of her Indian culture. Sure enough, one day she's told that her future husband, Raj, will be arriving soon. Furious at not getting to choose her own future, she takes her anger out on him and does her best to drive him away. However, somewhere along the way she realizes that he just may be the perfect man for her after all. 

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