16 December, 2014

#BookReview :: The Forsaken Heart (Heart's Desire #3) by Brenda Gayle

When Anna Graham marries Callum Hart she'll get both the man she loves and her uncles' agreement to take over the family ranch. Will the return of Jackson, her long-lost first love—and Cal's brother—throw it all in jeopardy?
Cal has been in love with Anna for as long as he can remember. It was he who picked up the pieces of her broken heart when Jackson disappeared years ago. His brother’s sudden reappearance, just when it seems Anna is ready to love again, is mysterious—as is his father’s casual acceptance of the prodigal son’s return. 
But is something more sinister going on? Someone seems determined to prove Anna incompetent to her uncles and insincere to Cal. With an arsonist on the loose and cattle dying, old secrets are exposed, and Anna and Cal face a challenge that will test their love far more than Jackson's unexpected homecoming. 

Anna Graham has been the only one in the family who has any interest in the family ranch. She has been working hard towards inheriting it. Callum Hart is the other part of her life that she is passionate about. She wants both and as she is about to reach her dreams, something goes wrong. Jackson, her ex and Callum’s brother, returns to town and at the same time someone is intent on proving that she is not capable of handling the ranch. Callum has always loved Anna, even when she was dating his brother Jackson. When Jackson left town abruptly, Callum was the one to bring things back to normal for Anna. Now with Jackson’s return, Callum not only has to put up with his brother for Anna but also fight for his father to recognize his hard work into the family business. Will things work out or will they get too entangled to work things out?

I absolutely loved Anna. She is a smart and intelligent lady who goes all the way to achieve what she wants. She is gutsy and isn’t afraid of standing up for what is right and what she wants. At the same time she is loving and caring. She could have easily given Jackson the cold shoulder; instead she recognized the fact that he is family. Callum too is a loveable character. Aside from being Mr.Hottie, he is also a hardworking man who deserves the affection of those around him. And they work out their problems together and are equals in their relationship. The mystery part of the book was quite predictable but still made the book more interesting. The author has maintained a well-balanced ratio of love, drama and mystery in the story. The narration style remains interesting and easy to get into.

This is probably my favourite installment in the series. Truly entertaining!

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