26 December, 2014

#BookReview :: Gut Instinct (The Campbells of Creek Bend #2) by Barb Han

Reunited…by a murderer 

FBI agent Luke Campbell has never been more determined to catch the serial killer who's eluded him for two years. Because this time the monster is after Julie, the ex he walked out on when he returned from Iraq, emotionally scarred and burdened by a secret. Now Luke will do anything—even risk his life—to protect Julie and regain her trust. 
But it's a tense race against time. Defying FBI rules, Luke keeps Julie by his side throughout a harrowing chase. Once they're finally at a safe house, it's clear to him that the passion they once shared hasn't cooled. Can Luke redeem himself and keep evil away from the woman he refuses to let go of again? 

Julie Davis had tried her best to help her husband when he had returned from Iraq with PTSD. But Luke had shut her out and then walked out on their marriage. The divorce had left her distraught but she had slowly recovered from that loss by focusing all her energy into her business. But when her work takes her to cross paths with a serial killer and brings back Luke in her life, her life is upturned once again. Pursued by the serial killer, she has only Luke to depend on. Will the closeness rekindle her suppressed love for Luke or will the hurt of his desertion take over? 

Luke Campbell was very much aware of the fact that he had taken the coward’s way out when he had walked out on Julie instead of working on his problems together. Now with Ravishing Rob, a serial killer who turns murder into art, on her trail – Luke will do anything to keep Julie safe. But their shared past complicates things as Luke defies FBI regulations to keep her with him and ensure her safety. With a life on the line, will Luke finally admit to what’s in his heart?

Barb Han has created two amazing characters in Julie and Luke. Luke has served a number of years in the army and after struggling and coping with PTSD, he joins the FBI. If that isn’t the sign of a strong man, I do not know what is. He is very much aware of his mistakes and is prepared to do anything to not repeat them. Julie on the other hand matches Luke with her strength. It is hard enough to be a military wife, but to have her husband return with PTSD and then walk out on her… she had done well for herself. And even under life threatening situations, she doesn’t hang back and let Luke do all the work. She isn’t stubborn and is very caring and loveable.
The plot is not as straight forward as one expects from a romance novel. The author has handled the mystery/intrigue part quite well. With simple language, attention to details and detailed description of events, the author has done a great job of creating a story that indulges its readers on many fronts.

 Full of action, this fast paced novel with intimate moments is a fun read. 

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