20 January, 2015

#BookReview :: After the Evil (Jake Roberts #1) by Cary Allen Stone

Lori Powers loved being a flight attendant because life at home was a constant nightmare of physical and mental abuse. But her own trauma paled in comparison to her husband’s sexual abuse of their only child. Emily’s suicide note blamed Lori for failing to protect her. Overwhelmed by guilt, Lori sought justice for her Emily. When she heard the voices, she murdered domineering, abusive men whose misfortune brought them across her path. 
The murder of Dr. Thaddeus Abrams, the precinct’s psychiatrist brought FBI profiler Mika Scott back to the precinct she began as a homicide detective and also face to face with her past partner and lover Detective Jake Roberts. Together they search for the killer. Michael Gates, Abrams’ lover, wanted to punish Lori. It cost Chief of Detectives Ed Fairchild his life. Airline captain Nick Parker had an insatiable, deviant sexual appetite. Things went desperately wrong when young flight attendant Megan joined him on a layover. Lori was part of the crew. When she met Parker, she heard Emily cry out from the grave. 

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Jake Roberts, our protagonist, gets embroiled in a serial Murder case when his psychologist is murdered. Teaming up with his ex, Mika who is now with the FBI, Jake is on the chase of the killer. Lori and Jake’s path cross and they get together. But Lori has a secret that she must keep at all cost. 

I know, I usually give bit more details about the plot, but the blurb of the book covers it better than anything I can come up with and so I am sticking to the basic.

On one hand we have a character like Lori, whose life has been a constant story of physical and mental abuse. But the worst part of her life is the death of her daughter that changed her life forever… For better or for worse, I cannot say. It is easy to understand where she comes from and thus empathize with her impulses. On the other hand, we have our protagonist Jake, who too is struggling with something from his past. It is only natural that Jake and Lori would be attracted to each other. 

The author gets ‘into’ the story right from the beginning and maintains a fast pace throughout. The plot is bit unique in the sense that the perpetrator is made obvious from the beginning and the rush is in the chase. Will the good guys ever catch up to the perpetrator? And where will the perpetrator slip up? Even then the author has dealt a dash of twists in the story that keep it interesting and difficult to put down.

This book rounds up to be a balanced piece packed with adventure, sex, betrayal and action.

Review Copy received from the Author

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