23 January, 2015

#BookReview :: Equilibrium (The Avaasya Trilogy, #1) by Paras Joshi


Meet Arya, a 17-year-old with the uncanny ability to open almost every locking mechanism ever known to mankind. Paid to break into a high-profile government vault, he unknowingly sets in motion events of apocalyptic consequences—The Tamisra is rising; mercenaries and shadow spirits have joined hands with humans to destroy the Equilibrium; and rumours abound of a Maayukh that links the ring, known as Avaasya, to the fate of the world. 
Racing against time to undo what he has done, Arya finds that time is his biggest enemy and that he can trust no one in this race to return balance to the world.

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Welcome to the future of our world. 

Set in faraway future, Equilibrium is the story of Arya, a teenaged orphan who is good at picking any and all locks. When a job lands him in the midst of a high security government vault, life as he knew it changes for good. As the fight between good and evil / light versus dark wages on, Arya not only gets entangled in it, he is in the smack middle of it. Now the question is whether Arya will succeed or is the apocalypse imminent?

Paras Joshi has created a wonderful new world in his debut novel Equilibrium. The book is quite appealing right from the very first chapter. A lot of imagination and thought has gone into the world building. The concept of Saatvikalok, Tamisra and Maayukhare are intriguing. The plot is quite unique that kind of mixes fantasy with action and thrills. It has a good premise and a lot of promise. Little bit of details here and there, provided by the author, makes it more interesting and keeps your glued to the pages. The protagonist Arya is intriguing and highly loveable. I enjoyed cheering for him through the pages as his character grew into something more than I ever expected. 

The book ended with a lot of unanswered questions. I guess that this being the first part of a trilogy, it is only natural that the author would leave us with questions to ensure that we pick up the next book. For me, it is going to be a looooooong wait to see if my guesses are right or not. I will surely be picking up the second book in the series… In the meanwhile, why don’t you guys pick this one up?

Review copy received from Fingerprint Publishing

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