09 January, 2015

#BookReview :: Night Life: Paranormal Anthology

Join the Night for Life....Charismatic Aliens, Mysterious Werewolves, Vengeful Vampires, Haunted Houses and Timeless Obsession... 

Ash, is starting her senior year in high school but she sees things that no one else does. Andi wants to finally belong but that means running away. Collin has an unrequited crush on the most popular girl in school. Amber is roped into vanquishing a ghost and Molly is haunted by dreams of the past... 

Five stories of first love, jealousy and discovery...that will keep you up, well into the night.

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In Silver by Tina Smith, Ash sees things that no one else sees and that set her apart. When Carey and Cooper, her childhood friends move back into town, romance blossoms. But there are secrets that complicate things. In Coming Home by Melissa Frost, Andi is on a journey to discovering her past – a past that she has no memory of. And Devon seems to know a lot about her. In Only Darkness by S. W. Best, Colin takes up on a bet to make easy money and use Nathan’s connection to his crush, heather. But he may be in over his head. In Nonstop to Nowhere by Sherri Fulmor Moorer, Amber and Phoebe set aside their problems to put a common ghost from their past to rest. In Ouroboros by Alisse Lee Goldenberg & An Tran, Molly, Chris and Jackson form a love triangles that is more than a lifetime old.

Five different author have come together to produce this anthology. Each of them has their own style of writing and narration style. As a whole they put together five quite different yet similar stories together for the readers that make for an interesting read. Covering werewolves, Vampires, Aliens and Ghosts, the stories each bring in a different flavor. To add to that are the elements of love, jealousy, secrets and self-discovery. Together they blend in to offer suspense and drama. The common elements that all of the stories shares are well developed characters and certain twists that really take you for a ride.

Overall, this was an entertaining anthology that has encouraged me to look up the different authors and their work.

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