01 January, 2015

#SpecialFeature :: Introducing #Author Sanjay Kumar

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*** Special Feature - January 2015 ***

About the Author

Born in a humble background, the youngest amongst six siblings, Sanjay feels extremely grateful that a series of favourable circumstances made a promising career opportunity possible for him. After graduating from IIT Kharagpur (Electronics), Sanjay worked in the Information Technology industry for fifteen years - working for various companies, from TCS(India) to Deutsche Bank(USA).
While his career and family life sailed smoothly on one side, his unabated interest in human mind and behaviour led him to read over a hundred books on behavioural psychology, self-help, philosophy and religion. Life in USA was convenient, organized and logical - the sharp contrast with life in India intrigued him persistently. He wondered why a developing country like India finds it so difficult to transition to a more cohesive society. 
Sanjay abandoned his high paying job in North Carolina and returned to the by-lanes of New Delhi, to pursue his quest for meaning and his passion for writing. The questions he had in mind were simple, but extremely important:
- A farmer works just as hard (probably harder) as a white collar employee in cities, then why does he continue to live a life in poverty while the latter finds it relatively easier to secure a comfortable life?
- Why does Indian society expect women to be home before it gets dark - even in cities - while men can roam around freely all night? 
- In a country that believes in the 'Law of Karma', why do courts take decades to deliver verdict, even for heinous crimes like rape and murder?
- Why is GDP considered a far more important criteria to judge government's performance than security of women (in the womb or on the streets), quality education, health facilities, and other social indicators? 
Sanjay's debut novel "Wings of Courage" is a thriller that takes a fresh look at socio-political issues like above that face India, even decades after independence. While the book entertains the reader, it introduces a world that could be possible - a beautiful world where human trust flourishes and human virtues blossom.
In the end, despite the huge socio-political challenges facing India, Sanjay maintains a positive outlook about the country's prospects. He admires both Narendra Modi and Arvind Kejriwal for he feels it is because of them that an educated Indian today is more patriotic and more involved with Indian politics than they have been in the recent past. With a responsible and committed populace, a big and persistent change should be just around the corner.

Sanjay's favourite quote - "I am a student of life, it teaches me every day!"

About the Book

You must act! Your dreams may look unachievable, but giving up without trying is cowardice. It is against evolution, for evolution is not the result of endless worries, thoughts or discussions. Evolution is in action.” 
In those words, Saksham finds courage to step beyond his self-imposed ineptitude and begin a new life. 
This is the story of Saksham, a bright young man, and his quest for a more humane world. On his journey, he meets a wise philosopher who helps him unravel the complexities of today’s civilized human world, and a young beautiful woman who rekindles his passion for life. Their belief in him empowers Saksham to launch an attack against organized evil. 
As Saksham marches forward, he must choose between the comfort of his love and courage to follow his dreams. If he chooses the latter, he will need to adopt brutal ways to counter raw powers of evil. And… there will be no going back. 
‘Wings of Courage’ is a moving tale of passion and courage, for without them, our dreams may never come true.

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