15 January, 2015

#SpecialFeature :: #Excerpt from Wings of Courage

*** Special Feature - January 2015 ***

An Excerpt

Monday was declared the day of national mourning! The rape victim, despite best efforts from doctors and prayers of the entire country, had succumbed to her injuries. She had been violated with such barbaric brutality that her soul decided to carry its search of a humane world elsewhere, away from this patriarchal world where a woman is considered safe only under the shadows of men in her life – her father, her husband, her brothers and her son.

The next day, Saksham and Asif gathered at the India Gate, along with thousands of other protesters. Banners and placards of various sizes filled the landscape. They stood near the edge of the lawn area, trying to catch a bit of the receding sun, to dry their clothes wetted by the water cannon the police had used a while back to control the protesters.
“Thank God, it is February.” Asif was shivering. “If it was January, I would be dead by now.” He gave a shaky smile as the cool breeze made him shudder. “I think they should use hot water in winter months. After all, we are their own countrymen, not from Pakistan, you know.”
“They know if they use hot water, people like you will come ready with towel and soap,” Saksham joked. As his gaze scanned the horizon, he got serious again. “What’s the plan now?”
“What do you think? We have toured the entire area and have seen them all – the NGO groups, political parties and, even the yoga guru.”
“That is what I find so damn crazy!” Saksham shook his head. “We are here with thousands of protesters, but still feel so isolated. All of us are mad over the same thing, but there is no effort to unite us and work for a concrete solution. It is like the protest is a goal in itself.”
“Well, what do you expect? We are Gandhi’s nation… we believe any problem can be solved if we march out in enough numbers. Protest runs in our blood, soon it will be part of our DNA,” Asif smirked. “By the way, there is one thing that unites us all… we all want death penalty for those rapists.”
“But, isn’t that so impractical? The court will not grant death penalty just because people are out on the roads demanding it. Besides, we all know how slow our courts are.”
“Personally, I appreciate that people are showing solidarity against bad governance. I know it is too early to say something, but may be something will come out of this. May be it will force the government or the police to do some tidying up,” Asif tried to stay optimistic. “May be it is just the beginning of a revolution, and as we move forward, this force may become stronger and stronger.”
“Something, someday, somehow, and too many maybe’s… sounds like the perfect future of a developing nation,” Saksham sneered. “These words are just blind hope… nothing will ever come out of them.”

About the Book

You must act! Your dreams may look unachievable, but giving up without trying is cowardice. It is against evolution, for evolution is not the result of endless worries, thoughts or discussions. Evolution is in action.” 
In those words, Saksham finds courage to step beyond his self-imposed ineptitude and begin a new life. 
This is the story of Saksham, a bright young man, and his quest for a more humane world. On his journey, he meets a wise philosopher who helps him unravel the complexities of today’s civilized human world, and a young beautiful woman who rekindles his passion for life. Their belief in him empowers Saksham to launch an attack against organized evil. 
As Saksham marches forward, he must choose between the comfort of his love and courage to follow his dreams. If he chooses the latter, he will need to adopt brutal ways to counter raw powers of evil. And… there will be no going back. 
‘Wings of Courage’ is a moving tale of passion and courage, for without them, our dreams may never come true.

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