28 March, 2015

#Interview with Noizchild Johnson, #Author of Bride in Black

About the Author:
My name is Noizchild Johnson and I am a self-published fiction writer. What can I say about myself? I love to write, watch anime, read manga, swim, and indulge in all things Japanese and British. My genres cover erotica, romance, comedy, drama, poetry, supernatural/paranormal, and maybe a little mystery. My stories are usually set in Japan, England, or the US. Music also plays a huge role in my writing.

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Interview with the Author:

When did you first realize that you wanted to be a writer/ a storyteller?
I realized my dream career when I was in the sixth or seventh grade making my anime-themed web site.

What inspires you to write?
Just about anything inspires me to write, to be honest.

How did you come up with the idea for your current story?
Like I do for all of my stories: my ideas just come to me and I just write on the impulse.

Is there some stories tucked away in some drawer that was written before and never saw the light of the day?
Not really. Most of my work is posted on my web site.

Tell us about your writing process.
There isn’t really a plan for it. I just listen so music for inspiration for a story/chapter and dive right into work until it’s finished for the day.

Did any of your characters inherit some of your own quirks?
Sometimes, especially if they have some sort of artistic ability.

What is your most interesting writing quirk?
The fact that I don’t really plan anything out the traditional way and just dive right into writing.

What is your usual writing routine?
I just sit down with a notebook on some days, write, and then type it out. Other days, I just type it out.

Do you read? Who are your favourite authors and how have they influenced your writing style?
Sometimes, I read. I would like to say Anne Rice and Laurel K. Hamilton. They influence my writing with my themes of the supernatural mixed with a sexy flare.

What is the best piece of advice you have received, as a writer, till date?
Get a decent editor before you publish your work.

What is the best piece of advice you would give to someone that wants to get into writing?
Don’t give up and have fun with it.

If you were to be stranded on the famous deserted island, what three things would you carry?
My iPod, Kindle, and tons of water.

How do you spend your free time? Do you have a favorite place to go and unwind?
Watch anime and play Sims 4. In front of my laptop in my own room.

Can you share with us something off your bucket list?
Whoa there! It’s too early for me to think about a bucket list.

Tell us three fun facts about yourself.
I LOVE Japan too bits, the farthest I was have traveled is Italy, and I set monthly goals for myself.

What do you have in store next for your readers?
A whole ocean of stories when they are edited properly and published.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with your readers?
I plan to publish print books in 2016.

About the Book:

A London bride climbs into a taxi cab for her wedding at the court house. However, the driver refuses to let her out and drives her around the city asking questions about her fiance. The bride comes to a revelation before the shocking and tragic end.


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