07 March, 2015

#BookReview :: Unlucky 13 (Women's Murder Club #13) by James Patterson

When two dead bodies are found inside a wrecked car on the Golden Gate Bridge, Detective Lindsay Boxer doubts that it will be anything as simple as a traffic accident. The scene is more gruesome than anything she has seen before. It definitely wasn't the crash that killed these people. While Lindsay starts to piece this case together, she gets a call she wasn't expecting. Sightings of her ex-colleague-turned-ruthless-killer Mackie Morales have been reported.

Wanted for three murders, Mackie has been in hiding since she escaped from custody. But now she's ready to return to San Francisco and pay a visit to some old friends.

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First there is the case of the burger bombs and it seems that a mad scientist is on the loose – one that Lindsay has to track down before he brings down more bodies. Then there is Yuki & Brady’s interrupted honeymoon when their cruise ship is hijacked by pirates. And then there is the matter of Mackie who is back in town with the intent of revenge on SFPD’s finest. How does the Women’s murder club handle each situation? Will they be able to handle things on their own as they are separated? Will Mackie finally emerge on top?

Out of the thirteen Women’s Murder Club Novels, I have read just four, including this one. I have missed the one with Mackie in it. Though her return is hyped and she is labeled dangerous, I really did not get the feel of it. I wish I had read the noel where she was the main antagonist. Also, while the multiple storylines makes way for more action and intrigue, I would really have liked to see more team action from the novel.  Certain personal relationships of one of the protagonist feel forced and not quite normal in the book. Also, it felt like the author has hurried to tie up loose ends and forced certain hands in the plot to make it move. 

While it has tons of action and drama like most Patterson Novels, and the short chapters keep us intrigued, in the end the book feels quite disappointing with major loopholes and abnormal factors.

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  1. Normally Patterson's books are quite intriguing but thanks for the review, would surely skip this one..