01 April, 2015

#SpecialFeature :: Introducing #Author Ganga Bharani

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*** Special Feature - April 2015 ***

About the Author:

I am Ganga Bharani, a technical analyst by profession and a writer by passion. I started writing stories as a hobby in 2010 and to reach a wider audience I started posting those short stories in my blog (GB LAND). Comments from strangers, new readers and the increasing page hits made me an addict to my blog. I had taken my blog seriously from then. I started writing something I call Blog books- series of chapters that make a story in my blog, for which I got an overwhelming response. I had written 6 blog books and each of these blog books have more than 300 dedicated readers. One of my short stories was made into a short film, titled ‘Bhimbam’, which was screened at the AVM Preview theatre.

Bhimbam’s short story: 

Slowly, the interest to make short documentaries rose in me. I started making short documentaries and stop motion videos addressing various social issues. ‘Tiny Steps’, one of my one minute documentaries, won Best Film award in We Care international film festival. Also, in the same international film festival another short video of mine titles ‘Candles’ won the Special Mention Award.

I love making stop motion films with a social message. 

I used to write regularly to various columns of leading newspapers :

As a blogger, I have won various prizes from Indiblogger.in and blogadda.com. When I won the grand prize worth 25,000 in a contest conducted by sunsilk and a kindle in another contest conducted by the same company, many readers started noticing me as a blogger. Also I was awarded ‘Woman of Substance’ by Godrej and Blogadda.

I always wanted to become a writer and here I am holding my book. My debut novel ‘Just You, Me and a Secret’ is published by Tales4 Publications. Being a hard core technical developer working for one of the world’s best MNC, the biggest challenge I had was time management. I had never let down my career as a techie for being a writer, also never gave up writing everyday due to work pressure. I work for a solid 9 hours and have 3 technical papers published in international conferences with myself as the author. For the past few years I slept only for 5 to 6 hours everyday. I used to work or write the rest of the time.

Contact the Author:

About the Book:
 Pitch dark. Extreme Silence. Felt like vacuum. I opened my eyes and found nothing familiar. Where am I? First of all, who am I? Ashruth says I was head over heels in love with him. He says our wedding was fixed. But there is no trace of love for him in me. I don t remember anything. Why would I have loved this pumpkin? San was drunk but I got intoxicated. I had fallen for him gradually. I can t imagine marrying anyone else. But how do I stop my wedding now? Don t say I am dead. I am all alive, standing right in front of you. I am not dead. Trust me. And the secret comes to light. Just you, me and a secret -A battle between past, present and the nothing called future.

2 Signed copies of 'Just You, Me and a Secret' is up for grabs for Indian Residents
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  1. The debut book by Ganga Bharani is well worth the read. She has narrated the story well keeping pace with the past and present. Well done and way to go Ganga :)