05 May, 2015

#BookReview :: The Naughty Proposal! by Shanaya Taneja

Tara: "I'm not interested in getting involved with a nice guy. No more serious relationships! I just want to enjoy. This time it's going to be my rules, my way."
Sneha: "Who cares whether he is a nice guy or a bad guy. As long as he is a guy, you need to enjoy him and move on. At least, that's what I do." 
Dheeraj: "This can just be our way to fulfil our dark temptations. Is that what you wanted to hear? So you just take care of the time we plan to share, and leave the rest to a rich rascal like me." 
Abhimanyu: "Let's enjoy every moment." 

A wild night of pleasure and passion brings up The Naughty Proposal! that takes them on a bumpy ride from one bed to another. A proposal which involves sinful delight, amorous games, and unbridled passion, where pleasure is the ultimate prize. Or is the prize something else.

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Sneha and Tara met at a pub few years back and since then they have not let the distance between them an issue. One a middle class working girl from Delhi and the other a rich socialite from Mumbai… Sneha and Tara are a duo. Sneha tries to set Tara up with a friend at a party but Tara ends up in the arms of a sinfully handsome man instead. Dheeraj is everything a girl could ask for and he and Tara come to terms with an arrangement between them. On the other hand, Sneha is on her way to break her track record of loving and leaving men as she falls for struggling model.  

With novellas, I often find that there is not enough build-up of the characters and characters are one of the most important facets of any novel/novella. Weak characters often ruin a perfect plot and strong characters can usually carry through weak plots. In this case, I was taken by surprise by the author. There is very little background about the characters… The author has given out most information on Tara and yet it is like we do not know her completely at any point of time. The surprising part is that it actually works with the plot. The intrigue of not knowing everything, but just enough keeps the story flowing and actually builds up towards the climax. Lots of hot and sexy scenes that is both sensual and erotic. 

Do not mistake this latest by ‘Quickies’ to be just an erotica. With sizzling hot chemistry and a twist in the end, this book is a perfect read for a rainy afternoon.

Review Copy received from Quickies

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