04 June, 2015

#BookReview :: DeadAlive by Sandip Khade

When we read a novel, all the characters in it are suppose to be fictitious; and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, must be entirely coincidental, right? But what if one day you find a Novel and when you start reading it, you feel that you know the characters in it? You feel that you are familiar with the incidences in it. Will it be just a coincidence...?

Sometimes some people come in our life, they live and then leave, with a hole in our soul, which we can feel but can't fill, we try to survive but end up DeadAlive.


A group of friends decide to get away from their daily humdrum and spend some time together at a farmhouse. What promised to be a fun time soon turns into something else. Mysterious things seem to happen all around them. They end up with a novel in their hands that describe them and their time together in great details. It is as if their lives had been written down and documented. But how is that possible? 

I have to say that from the title and the cover, I was expecting something about zombies even though the blurb indicated otherwise. I was wrong and in for a pleasant surprise. I just have to say that the plot was so unique. It holds great promise what with the twists that I did not see coming. Another thing that I liked about the book was the way the chapters are named. It is different and tantalizing. There are a number of characters in the book; some of them are really intriguing. There’s enough suspense, action, drama and romance in the book to keep you going. 

But that is all that is good about the book. The first let down is the narration style which handled properly would have been complimentary to the plot. But the shifting timeline and narration only ended up making the storytelling abrupt. While the first chapter was quite interesting, from the second chapter on I felt like I must be missing something – like a few pages were missing here and there. The book could also do with another round at the editor’s desk. Given that this is the author’s debut novel, I’d say he has the potential to do some great work but he has some ways to go in terms of narration and language.

Irrespective of it all, I finished the book solely because of the plot. 

Review Copy received from the Author

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