19 June, 2015

#BookReview :: Lionel Goes to Camp by Paul R. Hewlett

Lionel is back in another Grand Adventure! Lionel's Grand Adventure: Lionel Turns the Other Cheek is a beginning chapter book for ages 7-10. Lionel has always wanted to go to summer camp, but will his mean old Mom let him? Even though Lionel is now familiar with the Three-Toed-Pot-Bellied Walbaun foot, its unpredictable nature takes him on another adventure of a lifetime. Join Lionel as he heads off to summer camp and discover the wonderful world of the magical Walbaun foot and the lesson it helps teach Lionel (again).

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Paul R. Hewlett writes chapter books for kids of 7 to 10 years of age. His first book was Lionel and the Golden Rule which introduced Lionel to the world. I had read and enjoyed the first book quite a bit and so, it was a no-brainer when Paul asked me to read Lionel’s second adventure with Lionel Turns the Other Cheek.

What kid doesn’t like summer camp? Lionel is no exception. He is convinced that he needs to go to the summer camp in order to find out more about his father and when he finds out that Carrie will be going there too, Lionel manages to convince his mother to send him. The summer camp holds so much promise as it would not only mean some time away from his mother and brother, but also more time with Carrie and maybe even find some answers he has been looking for. Lionel arrives at the camp with his Three-Toed-Potbellied Walbaun foot only to find out that he will be rooming with the biggest bully around, Tad. Lionel is determined not to let anything, or anyone ruin his experience… Besides he has hi his Three-Toed-Potbellied Walbaun foot to help him out, doesn’t he?

Reading Lionel’s new adventure was as much fun as I was expecting it to be. He is a chubby little cutie pie who managed to charm me through the book. What kid doesn’t make mistakes? The trick is in learning from it and to never repeat it. Lionel, in this book, brings forward the very serious subject of bullying, and more importantly, how to handle it. Some may say that the bullies deserve a tit-for-tat situation, where he gets bullied – to make him understand what it feels like. But does it solve the problem? And what effect does it have on the victim turned bully? 

Paul R. Hewlett has produced another appealing piece of fiction that will get the children to not only read, but also take away a valuable lesson from it.

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