11 June, 2015

#BookReview :: Love Bomb (The Ladybirds #2) by Jenny McLachlan

Betty Plum has never been in love. She's never even kissed a boy. But when H.O.T. Toby starts school it's like Betty has been hit with a thousand of Cupid's arrows. It's like a bomb has exploded – a love bomb!

More than ever Betty wishes her mum hadn't died when Betty was a baby. She really needs her mum here to ask her advice. And that's when she finds hidden letters for just these moments. Letters about what your first kiss should feel like and what real love is all about …

Is Betty ready to fall in love? Will she finally have her first kiss? 

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Love Bomb is the second book in The Ladybirds and the first one that I have read. From what I understand, the books in this series can also be read as standalone even though the series centers around a group of friends. Love bomb introduces us to Betty, a fifteen year old trying to handle school, friends, family drama and her first crush. 

Betty had lost her mother at a very young age. Her connection to her mother is through the letters her mother has left for her. As she turns fifteen, Betty finds out that the letter she has received this year is the last one her mother has left for her. Then Toby enters her life as the new kid in school and Betty is immediately smitten. But she has no clue what to do or how to act around him… Just when she misses her mother the most, she discovers another stash of letters from her mother, which cover some significant moments in a person’s life. Armed with her mother’s advice, Betty is ready to tackle her situation… or so she thinks!

Betty is a pretty much normal teenager. Immature at times, she can also be a brat when she chooses so… But beneath all that is a sweet girl who is trying to navigate through her life as best as she can. It is pretty easy to like Betty even though she acts out every now and then. It is easy to see where she is going wrong and empathize with her. I have seen Betty’s life play out in real life among some of my friends and so I could connect with the storyline without difficulty. Toby on the other hand brings in the ‘cool’ factor to the dynamics. I found it difficult to like him – maybe because as a reader I could see through his antics for most part. However, the best part about the book was Betty’s mother and her letters. Though she is dead, Betty’s mother’s character really blooms through the letters to her daughter. She felt like the kind of person whom everybody simply cannot help but love. 

The storyline, while predictable, was interesting enough to keep me glued to the book. The author’s style of narration is pretty easygoing and would probably appeal to younger readers – the target audience that is. Overall, a pretty entertaining book and perfect for Young Adults.

Review Copy received from Bloomsbury India

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