13 June, 2015

#BookReview :: Metro Diaries by Namrata

Love is one of the most amazing feelings on this earth, one that makes you the most powerful person or the most helpless person in a split second. These stories capture those feelings of despair, longing, love, lust, desire, want, dejection and admiration to create deja vu. Hold onto your hearts as you flip through these pages and take a walk down the memory lane, as "metro diaries" will revive your innermost feelings and imbibe in you the magic of love. Touching, amusing and deeply moving, metro diaries - love classics are tales that will hold you from start till end.

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I have been following Namrata’s Blog “Privy Trifles” from quite some time. She writes well, infusing humour and wit with beautiful language. And so, I had to ask her a copy of her book. Metro Diaries is a collection of 20 short stories with a common theme of love. The added attraction of these stories that they are all based on real life stories! With that kind of USP of the book, I was all curious and excited when I picked up my copy of the book.

The first thing that catches your attention when you pick it up are the quotes and poetry that precede each story giving the readers a glimpse of what the story may have to offer. There’s this particular one that I loved the most. It precedes the second story and goes like this –‘I want to say a lot of thing, Wonder if I will be heard. I want to hear a lot of things, Wonder if they will be said.’ It is such a big truth hidden in such simple words. Then there are the stories themselves… Narrated simply, yet beautifully, each story shows us a different aspect of love. Each story has different characters that are unique and every single one of them offer something different to bring in diversity to the stories. It is just amazing to see how different and yet how similar each of the stories are. Some detail the wonders of a new love, while some show us the relationships that have overcome the tests of time and while some are infused with the euphoria of love, some show the sadness as a byproduct of love. Also, there’s the fact that the stories are all open ended, leaving a lot to the reader’s imagination. 

I have only one problem with the book and it is a very small one. I am not sure that the story chosen to be the first one in the book was the right one. As the first story sets the tone for the book, I feel, it should be one of the stronger stories if not the best one. And frankly, even though some may disagree, ‘Once in a Lifetime’ was my least favourite story in the book. My Favourites were ‘The Yellow Diary’ and ‘Love Revisited’.

This collection of short stories sure makes for an enchanting read.

Review Copy received from the Author

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