10 July, 2015

#Spotlight :: One Tequila, 2 Tequilas by Supriya Parulekar

“You do not want to wake up to an aftermath of Tequila morning,” teased Kosha, as a teetotaller Siddharth, stubbornly took the bottle from her and put it to his lips. Kosha, a freelance photographer, is self-willed, defiant and head-strong. She elopes on the day of her engagement, walks out in defiance to father, whom she blames for the tragic death of her sister. It shakes her faith in love and marriage. Siddharth Sarabhai, business tycoon, has wowed to woo Kosha, back in his cousin, Harsh’s life, who was jilted at the altar. He offers her a photography assignment. Desperate Kosha can’t resist as bills and rent pile up. Surprise awaits Siddharth on their scenic journey, through landscapes of Ladakh. He can’t stop himself from falling in love with sultry Kosha. Pick up this book for an intoxicating journey of denial, tipsy moments, smiles and lots of love.    

I am a published fiction author with five books. My fifth book “One Tequila, 2 Tequilas …” was released on 14th May. It is garnering positive reviews and rated 4.5/5 by most of the reviewers. OTTT also ranked 18th among top 50 bestsellers on Salisonline. 
I like experimenting with different genres you will find something dark and mysterious in my writings. Maybe it stems from the after-death experience I re-lived as a child.   

I have also worked as a script editor for TV18, History Channel. I had a column in ‘YUVA’, a magazine, for the youth. I love to read biographies, places of historical significance interests me and I travel to different destinations in search of inspiration. 
Next in line is ‘Diabolical,’ a dark, psychological thriller with sprinkling of verses setting the mood for perfect, heart racing thrills. 

My dream project soon to be made open for school students is “Cookastory”. An online web portal, wherein children can upload their stories, poems and essays. A platform for young writers to showcase their talent.  Already three international schools have registered. Individual registrations welcomed.

I compose poems too, though I am not seriously chasing that dream as of now.

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