12 July, 2015

#Spotlight & #Giveaway :: Purgatory by Susan Stec


USA Today and Amazon bestselling author of THE GRATEFUL UNDEAD series
releases Purgatory, a Place Down Under




I love laughing with my daughters, class B scary movies, fine cuisine and hamburgers from Wendy's. I'm addicted to electronics, dark chocolate, vintage eyeglass frames, and fuzzy warm socks.

One's real life is so often the life that one does not lead ~Oscar Wilde

There isn't just one thing I'm passionate about. I'm married to a wonderful man, have two adult daughters, three grandsons, and three dogs. I live on fifty acres, hunt and fish, and I will get up in the middle of the night to listen to the coyote sing. I sculpt stained glass, paint watercolors, make jewelry, but most of all I write. I write because I have to and because it amuses me to live vicariously through my characters.   


PURGATORY takes a doppelgänger through a number of female hosts in search of love in a world where it doesn't exist.

Can two very different creatures find love in a world where hope leads to disappointment, and wishes lead to disappointment? They will have to fight all that is Down Under to find out.

I am a myth with no name, no flesh, no sex, and no identity... Unless I wear one of  you.

I can hear his heartbeat; I feel the heat of his gaze, the strength behind his touch. Crap! My head is spinning—my head, not the human's I'm wearing. I never do this. I amuse myself and let them do the dreaming, the what-if's, and get off on that. I don't contemplate commitment, relationships, love! I just get my high on. I trade them their lives for a quick fix.
Damn it, sex with this guy is not going to be a quick fix. I want...
I realize I'm grabbing for my clothes before they fall to the floor, and he's stepping back, shaking his head. What the hell?

Sexy laugh, body to die for, and eyes to get lost in, he intrigues me, attracts me, and churns up feelings I've never felt before. But Gaire turns out to be the ultimate bad boy.

A wendigo half-breed, an abomination, Gaire runs from a race that wants him dead. He can't fight what he is—they won't let him forget what he's done.

As she slowly walks toward me I can smell desire. Not human desire, a musky, animalistic desire—essential, dark, and demanding. Her blouse comes off first and she tosses it at my feet, steps out of her cutoffs, and stands before me in a triangle of black lace.
Our eyes lock. I feel hair on my neck prickle as my spine shifts and mouth salivates; heart hammering, jaw tightening, I bend and pick up her clothes. She's a breath away, waiting, feet parted, lace riding fingers as she runs them over her hips. I grit my teeth and place the clothes in between pink breasts framed in rich tanned skin; when my knuckles connect with soft creamy flesh my body tightens, prickles another warning, and it's all I can do to keep from taking her right there.





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