26 July, 2015

#GuestPost by T.R.Graves

T. R. Graves, is the author of the Warrior, Secrets, Still Standing, Vanishing, and Longevity series. She lives near Texas's gulf coast with her husband, their twenty-one-year-old daughter, and eleven-year-old son. Besides being blessed with a supportive family, she counts her career as a registered nurse and not-for-profit hospital administrator among her most fulfilling accomplishments.

As someone who adores Kristen Ashley's creative writing, her endearing characters, and their unbelievable stories, I'm more than happy to share my sentiments with the world when it comes to her and anything she's written. 

If you've not read anything by her, I'm begging, pleading, insisting, and (insert here whatever works) that you to stop what you're doing and buy the Rock Chick  series (and every other one she's written). You heard me right. Don't just buy the first book. Go ahead and buy them all because you're going to buy them eventually anyway. You might as well have them at the ready.
Anyone who knows me knows I only review books I consider to be excellent. In the case of the Rock Chick , Colorado Mountain, Dream Man, Unfinished Hero, The 'Burg, Chaos, and Magdalene Series, I don't have to sugar coat anything. The writing is wonderful. The characters are endearing, hilarious, morally and ethically upstanding, sweet, tender, protective, tolerant, committed, vulnerable, passionate, adventurous, family and friend centered, and - periodically - lovingly obtuse. The stories are full of ups and downs, and despite the number of pages/words, they go so fast that you mourn each story's ending. In case there is any doubt, I whole-heartedly rate each of these books with the highest 5 Star possible and count this author among my favorites.
Each book in each series is the love story of a different couple, but the same cast of characters return, grow, and entertain us with each book. Often, the series' characters co-mingle, meaning you have Rock Chick  characters in Chaos, Dream Man, Colorado Mountain, etc.  books. For Kristen Ashley, it's not about one person, one couple, one story. It's about all of them and all of it. When you happen upon the return of favorite characters from another book, you're thrilled by the unexpected gift Kristen Ashley's bestowed upon you... you relish in the few moments you're given... you instantly love the new book and its own cast of characters.

Honestly, I love all of these books and this author's ability to make them so exciting and addictive. ABSOLUTELY ADDICTIVE. Still, I have to admit, I have a favorite couple. It's the Rock Chick's vigilante Jules and the Hot Bunch's protective Vance. You won't get to them until book #4, but they're worth the wait. I promise. 

Thank you, Debdatta Sahay with b00k r3vi3ws, for the opportunity to do this guest post. ❤ 

Rock Chick Rock Chick Rescue Rock Chick Redemption Rock Chick Renegade Rock Chick Revenge Rock Chick Reckoning Rock Chick Regret
Rock Chick (8 books)
4.40 of 5 stars 4.41 avg rating — 174,302 ratings

The Gamble Sweet Dreams Lady Luck Breathe Jagged Kaleidoscope
Colorado Mountain (6 books)
4.34 of 5 stars 4.34 avg rating — 132,592 ratings

Mystery Man Wild Man Law Man Motorcycle Man
Dream Man (4 books)
4.31 of 5 stars 4.32 avg rating — 133,058 ratings
Knight Creed Raid Deacon      
Unfinished Hero (5 books)
4.11 of 5 stars 4.12 avg rating — 89,148 ratings

For You At Peace Golden Trail Games of the Heart The Promise Hold On
The 'Burg (6 books)
4.33 of 5 stars 4.33 avg rating — 68,311 ratings

Own the Wind Fire Inside Ride Steady Walk Through Fire      
Chaos (4 books)
4.28 of 5 stars 4.29 avg rating — 58,521 ratings

  The Will Soaring      
Magdalene (3 books)
4.33 of 5 stars 4.33 avg rating — 22,580 ratings

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