21 September, 2015

#BookReview :: Spilling Down the Wine Glass by Pushpendu Mondal

A clash between political parties turns wicked when the Chief Minister Shekhar Vajpayee is assassinated at a political rally in MMRDA Ground, Mumbai. The assassin, veiled by a stampede of thousands, escapes.
A series of political homicides ensue, and the police brush their hands off the case. Someone high up the ladder is calling the shots. 
Things turn twisted when three strangers lives' are entwined : 
Revathi Shekhar - a hot-headed, spunky politician’s daughter - in the search for a lifelong commitment.
Siddharth Roy Chowdury - a young, ambitious politician - ready to cross anyone to climb up the political ladder.
Arjun Rao - a heart-broken army soldier - with nothing to lose, yet vengeful. 
In Mumbai, where the factionless rule supreme, will these three stand up against evil ? Or will they be silenced, like many more before them ? 

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I was in two minds at first when the author approached me for an unbiased review. On one hand, I have had an overdose of ‘romance’ in IWE and on the other hand the political aspect of the book made me curious. In the end my curiosity won and I accepted the review copy.

 The story revolves around three major characters - Siddharth Roy Chowdury, Revathi Shekhar and Arjun Rao.  There is a political unrest following the assassination of the chief minister. And as things escalate, a series of murders rock the nation and our protagonists are smack in the middle of it. How are they involved, and what roles do these three plays in the plot is something you have to read the book and find out for yourself. It is safe to say that these three have elevated the meaning of passion and ambition through the story.

To me, it seemed like each character represented one of the three themes of the story – Politics, Love and Revenge, sometimes their roles and paths overlapped, yet there was a distinct feeling to each of these characters. They were created and developed well throughout the novel. Revathi’s character probably stands out the most in the book. However, the novel fell short on the intrigue aspect of the plot. As the plot suggests that the assassin of the minister escapes and then there is a series of murders, I was expecting some mystery in the novel. At no point did I feel overly curious or doubtful about where the novel was headed. I was sure about the ending when I was about half way through the novel and when I finally finished reading, I wasn’t surprised. Irrespective of the intelligent plot, there was something missing that made the read not as thrilling as I would have loved and enjoyed.

The narrative approach taken by the author works well for the novel and the story flows smoothly even with three alternating point of views being told. At no point is there any confusion about what has happened or what is happening or whose point of view is being narrated. The language used to support the narrative is simple and easy going. And while the dialogue delivery missed the mark at some points, the overall experience was quite a pleasant one.

Review Copy received from the Author

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