04 September, 2015

#BookReview :: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Millennium Trilogy #1) by Stieg Larsson

Lisbeth Salander gets under the skin of her targets like no-one else. Those who underestimate her live to regret it. If they are lucky....

Mikael Blomkvist-disgraced journalist, womanizer-is everything she ought to hate. But when she is hired by a security firm to investigate him, her report on his life reveals an integrity that fascinates her.

Then she discovers that Blomkvist, himself a brilliant investigator, is cracking open the cold case of a missing girl-uncovering secrets that have poisoned a family through generations.

And only one thing gives Salander greater satisfaction than exposing a liar:stopping a killer.

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So, I am finally catching up with this series… When the series was first launched and hit the market, there was so much hype over them that I naturally avoided reading it in fear of being disappointed. I need not have worried. This series does live up to its hype.

Lisbeth is hired by a security firm to investigate financial journalist Mikael Blomkvist. Lisbeth is known for her job as she is good at it and has an uncanny knack for getting under the skin of her targets. As she digs into his life, she finds certain things about the journalist that intrigues her. On the other hand we find Mikael Blomkvist  trying to salvage his career, amidst being sued and convicted of libel, by taking up a very old case of girl gone missing. What starts out to be a straightforward case soon turns into something sinister as they get tangled in a web of secrets and lies.

I loved Lisbeth and for me she is the shining star! I make no secret of the fact that I love strong female characters who are no damsels in distress and can take care of themselves (maybe even rescue the prince charming on her good days). I love Lisbeth for all of the aforementioned reasons and her ability to stand by what she believes. She is one kickass girl who people should think a hundred times before messing with. Blomkvist was a character who took time to grow on me but ended up as a character who I wished well for.

The plot was wonderful in so many levels. First of all it literally has many levels to it and the story builds up at a slow place not revealing the complete picture till very late in the story. It also has secrets being unveiled slowly and twists thrown in at intervals. The author has taken a very detail oriented method to tell the story to his readers and while that fascinates me immensely – I did however find the story moving slowly. Was it because of too many details or was it so engrossing that I just wanted to get it going… I really do not know.

Overall, this is a fine thriller that did live up to its hype.

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