13 October, 2015

#BookReview :: A little more than love by Priyanka Bansal

Love; is the most wonderful feeling in the world. When we hear 'Love', a cold wave passes through our body and faces of our loved ones start flashing in front of us. Be it our mother, father, husband, daughter, boyfriend, girl friend or any person whom we love, from the core of our heart. 'A little more than love', a collection of lovely short stories, gives us a new meaning of love. Love beyond boundaries; beyond the need to express it every time, beyond the need to shout and prove it every time. It portrays different opinion and point of love. Each story here is special; has its own value and outlook. Somewhere you will definitely find yourself connected to at least one of the stories here. 

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This is a collection of thirteen love stories. Each story touches different aspects of love and help the reader to look at relationships in different lights.

The first story in the book is ‘Just for you my love’ that covers the fact that two people with different beliefs can love each other and more often than not, they learn to accept the ways and beliefs of each other. ‘The dumb me’ highlights how even the simplest gestures are sometimes very important in relationships. ‘Guardian Angel’ shows that when love is real, it can bring happiness in life of those who are touched by it. ‘Love was hidden’ shows how each relationship has its ups and downs and fighting and making up are just part of it. It depends on each individual to take time and nourish it. ‘Silent emotion’ is probably going to hit home on many readers of this generation who are leading the fast life in search for financial stability. It is true that love cannot feed or cloth or put a roof over your head, but even with all the money in the world, one cannot be happy without love. ‘Blind date’ reminded me of the movie Mitr-My friend. People should take a chance and discuss their issues with open mind instead of avoiding them fearing direct conflict. ‘That one call’ talks about how when love is true, one doesn’t really need the society’s approval. 

‘Being Me’ brings together two strangers whose open minds and warm hearts bring them together. ‘Love lost and found’ brings two individuals in focus that helps and heals each other as they discover themselves completely. ‘The last adventure’ is a heart touching story that not only talks about love but also about the value of life. ‘Dear Husband’ highlights the importance of trust and faith. ‘Affair online’ is a reflection on how one’s appearance can be deceiving in the online world and about how it can affect relationships. ‘Downfall’ talks about how lack of trust and the presence of doubt can have a domino effect.

I have to say that while I did not agree with some of the stories, I did like the messages that they were sending out. For instance I did not agree with the way Ritesh decided to handle things in ‘That one call’. ‘Blind date’ gave me a sense of deja-vu and I did not like what Palak did to convince her love. But yes, the messages in the stories are important ones. I loved the idea behind the book, but I do wish that the language and the narrative were better. The dialogue delivery seemed abrupt at places and the narrative a bit disjointed. Did the book show some promise? Yes in terms of the premise, but not so much in other aspects. Tighter editing and language sophistication should be the author’s top focus points for her next book. 

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