21 November, 2015

#BookReview :: The Glass Girl by Sandy Hogarth

Say thank you to your sister for me. 

His parting words cause sixteen year old Ruth to flee to Australia in shame and fear, telling her mother, it's just a year mum, then I'll be home. But even there her secret drives her to the isolation of the outback. 
Seven years later the death of her mother brings Ruth home to England. Now she must confront her sister, Alexis. But there are darker secrets that threaten to tear apart the family she thought she knew and Alexis' betrayals are not over. 
Sometimes you can't keep running. In a world of lies and betrayal by the people she loved, is Ruth strong enough? 

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The Glass Girl is the story of Ruth, a girl who flees from England to Australia in hopes of avoiding shame. It was the death of her mother that finally brings her back home and to face the past she had been running from. Had things changed over the years? Had the people changed?

The story is told from the point of view of our protagonist Ruth. I love it when the narrative is in the first person; it makes it so much easier to get into the character’s mind. Our Ruth is a girl who will make you feel and experience every little detail of her life. As such it was really easy to get into the story and rally experience her life. She is one strong girl with the kind of grit that makes me proud of her. There are quite a few other characters in the story and each play their roles perfectly. Like Ruth, it is easy to get a feel of each of these characters and it is impossible not to feel strongly about some of them. I think it is safe to say that the perfect development of each character is the strongest point of this book.

The plot of the story was interesting and different from what I have read so far. The secrets and the betrayals – they can easily surprise a reader. The narration and dialogue delivery has been handled very well by the author. The language is simple and easy to get into. I enjoyed the way the author has described small details to make everything feel more real. I just wish that the author had taken more care in selecting the cover though. It does absolutely no justice to the wonderful story inside.

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