02 November, 2015

#BookReview :: When Our Worlds Collide by Aniesha Brahma

Akriti has led a pretty much sheltered life. 
Zayn has been shuttled from city to city when he was growing up. 
She is comfortable watching her life from the sidelines. 
He wants to feel rooted to a place he can call ‘home’. 
They meet each other quite by chance. 
And both seize the chance to be someone they both need in their lives: 
For Zayn, it’s a 'Partner-In-Crime'. 
For Akriti, someone who just knows how to be there for her… 
When their worlds collide, 
It is not what either of them expected it to be. 
Zayn has a steady girlfriend. And Akriti has a crush on him. 
What happens when these two become friends? 
The biggest adventure of their lives? Or the road to heartbreak? 
What happens when two completely different people collide? 
Do they become friends? Or, is their friendship doomed from the start? 
'When Our Worlds Collide' is the story of two twenty-three-year olds, Who are finally growing up and finding their feet in the world. 
A tale of friendship and love, crushes and betrayals, messes and second chances, 
Marriage and divorce… and the elusive happily ever after!

I have read this book 3 times already – all at different stages. It was in fact a pleasurable experience to see how ideas slowly take form of the final story that is out for everyone to read.

Akriti’s life has never been all fun and fairy tale like. From her parents’ broken relationship to friends betraying her secrets and confidence, she has had a tough time while growing up. And it has made her a tough person overall. Zayn on the other hand craves for the stability that his life hasn’t seen yet thanks to his parents moving in every two years or so. When Zayn and Akriti finally ‘meet’, Zayn is dating their mutual friend Nimmi. Can Akriti and Zayn be friends? Especially when Akriti harbors a secret crush on him?

The characters in the book are so awesome – each in their unique ways. I love Akriti, well for most parts… She has had a rough life and has always stepped up to the plate and done her duties well.  She is one tough girl. Of course, I do not condone crushing so hard on someone else’s boyfriend, but then who has ever been able to control love and infatuations? Zayn is in many ways just the opposite of Akriti and as such he opens up a new world for Akriti. Then there is Ayoub – a character I thoroughly adored. He was always there for Akriti and that is a rare thing to find these days. He brought in some added humour to the storyline as well. There are a couple of additional characters that appear in the book and make a space in the readers’ mind for the duration.

It is however the plot that surprises the readers. It is not what you would normally expect yet it is what makes the most sense in the end. I loved the way the various relationships were handled and the dynamics of each was so different that they all stood strong. Aniesha has explored how not only the big things affect a relationship, but how sometimes even the smallest things can have a great influence on a person. The language and narration style is simple yet engaging. It is a fast and light read that can easily entertain a reader for a couple of hours.

I loved the realism that is portrayed in Aniesha's latest literary adventure. The Author has taken a bold step by writing a story that is more about the journey than the ending and the happy ending comes in unexpected ways. If you like Young Adult / New Adult – give this book a chance for sure.

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