09 November, 2015

#BookReview :: Fearless (Avena #3) by Marianne Curley

Ebony and Nathaneal were in love before they were even born.… Torn apart and kept in different worlds, will they finally reunite in this exquisite conclusion to Hidden and Broken? 

Ebony was kept hidden on Earth for sixteen years, unaware that she was an angel. Unaware that her true soulmate, Nathaneal, was searching for her. Now ready to claim her rightful place with him, in a cruel twist of fate Ebony is captured and imprisoned in a version of hell.

Knowing that Nathaneal will come for her, Ebony is determined to fight against the evil that holds her prisoner. As long as she has Nathaneal’s love, Ebony has nothing to fear. Can Nathaneal break through the gates of hell? Will these long-lost lovers finally reunite and fulfil their destiny?

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Ebony was kidnapped and held a prisoner in hell at the end of the previous book in the series. With all ways to and from Skade closed and sealed, Nathaneal has very little chance of getting to Ebony to save her. However, he is not willing to give up. On the other hand Ebony is set on freeing herself from both hell and its prince. Will the two lovers be able to overcome all the hurdles put in their way and finally reunite? Or will the Dark Prince and his plans prevail?

Ebony finally redeemed herself to me. Oh she does whine here and there, but her fighting spirit finally shines through. I still feel that she could have ‘done’ more if she really tried. It seems that she finally accepted the truth about who she is and has become her own person. Prince Luca, the dark prince, has his charms on and he almost made me believe in him – though I do not know if it was his persuasive nature or my wish for some twist in the tale! Jordan was Jordan and I will not comment on him at all. Nathaneal felt somewhat real to me among all the characters. 

I am kind of glad that this is the final book in the series. The premise and the setting was really good and the author has done a good job of describing certain settings and situation. But the plot and the characters were somewhat disappointing. Even Nathaneal, the character that I think was the best in the series has failed to make an impression on me. I love flawed characters but they should have some redeeming qualities. None of the characters in the books felt remotely ‘real’ and I failed to connect with them completely. The plot felt too simple and very predictable. There wasn’t even a single twist.

For the world setting, this series is okay for a one time read.

Review Copy received from Bloomsbury India

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