10 December, 2015

#BookReview :: Children of the Blessing (The Lemurian Chronicles #1) by Perry Morris

When key events prophesied thousands of years ago finally take place, those who lust for power will do anything they must to take control—even if that means killing the children of the blessing. 
The children of the blessing have never met. Renn wanted to be a farmer and Avaris a warrior, but their birth and blessing set an ancient prophecy in motion that promises to shift the balance of power on the continent of Lemuria. The two boy’s dreams and innocence are shattered by those determined to influence the events to come and seize power for themselves. 
When loved ones are killed and homes destroyed, both boys must flee from horrifying creatures and powerful magic users. Renn has to cross the continent to reach the safety of Elder Island where he can receive training from the Lore Masters; Avaris decides to follow the evil creatures that have ruined his life to caves beneath the Cragg Mountains where the surviving members of his tribe have been forced into slave labor. The Grand Warlock, Kahn Devin, has determined that both boys will either join with him or die. 

Meet Renn – a simple boy who wants to be a farmer and Avaris – who wants to be a warrior. They are as different as two boys can be. They have never met each other nor have anything in common except for the fact that they are the Children of the Blessing. Each of them was marked by the Gods and their birth had put things into motion for what a Prophecy that could change life as they know it in the world of Lemuria. When push comes to shove, Renn sets out for the safety of Elder Island and Avaris decides to head towards caves beneath the Cragg Mountains. One looks forward to train with the Lore Masters while the other sets out to free the surviving members of his tribe. Will the Grand Warlock Kahn Devin be able to lure them to his side or will he have to eliminate both the boys?

The author has set up a beautiful and at the same time a terrifying world in Lemuria. There are people like Renn and Avaris and then there are some evil creatures that habit this world. Then there is looming prophecy that could go either ways. It is safe to say that the plot and the characters had me in their grip from the very beginning. I loved both Renn and Avaris – though I might be bit partial towards Renn. They are such individual characters that they each bring in different elements to the story. Their characters were well rounded and easily likeable. The antagonist in this book didn’t feel as scary as I like them to be. Though there are no major issues with it that affects the reading experience majorly, I feel the book could do with another round at the editing table to round up the edges of the narration.

Overall, this book makes for an interesting read for the fantasy lovers.

Review Copy received from the Author

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