16 March, 2016

#BookReview :: Love on 3 Wheels by Anurag Anand

What Happens When Love and Destiny Come to Loggerheads?
Love on 3 Wheels is a saga of love, lust, aspirations and trickery that unfolds over a period of three days, propelling those in its midst into an unmindful frenzy.
A young and ambitious girl misplaces a parcel purportedly containing a large amount of cash. This sets off a turn of events that are certain to leave their imprint on the lives of many.
Sharib Sheikh:
An auto rickshaw driver whose fault is that he fell in love with the wrong person at the wrong time.
Dr. Abhigyan Kukreti:
A prominent doctor who has more skeletons in his personal closet than a mid-size cemetery.
A simple village girl who, like Sharib, finds herself at the wrong end of love.
A swindler with his heart in the right place.

A Real Love Story that is bound to make your heart skip more than a beat! 

Having heard quite a bit about the author before and as such I accepted when he requested me to read and review his latest book even though I had some reservations from the title of the story. Love on 3 Wheels actually gave me the impression that it would another love triangle story with sex and scandals trying to sell it. I am happy to report that this book is certainly much more than that.

Love on 3 Wheels is the story of five common and very different people. Sharib Sheikh is a humble auto driver who falls in love with the wrong person at the wrong time. Junaid is his mama’s boy and an absolute charlatan who will do anything to get his way. Abhigyan Kukreti is a doctor with secrets of his own. Ameena is a simple village girl who will go any lengths for the sake of her love. And finally there is Sargam – a girl from the middle class of society who works as a secretary who unknowingly starts a chain of events that will affect the lives of all these people over a period of three days. If you want to know how and what happens – you will have to pick up the book for yourself.

Here’s what I loved about the book – the plot and the characters. The plot was not quite what I expected from the title and the blurb of the book. It does have romance in its core, but it also includes certain issues of modern day society included in the story with subtlety. Not in a preachy or in your face manner, yet in a way that you cannot ignore it. The characters are the shining moments of the book. They are multi-faceted and very well developed. They felt very real with their mixed characteristics. I had a love-hate relationship with all of them throughout the book and it was strong. It was easy to feel both kinds of emotions for the characters which go on to show how well the author has portrayed them. My only issue was the delivery which I wish was a bit crisper than what it is. It is the only thing in the book that is not at par with the rest of the aspects. With the story being told from multiple POVs, I understand that it can be a bit tough to keep the rhythm going without any break. 

The story is fast paced and with 150 odd pages, this makes for a quick read.

Review Copy received via Author & Srishti Publishers

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