01 March, 2016

#SpecialFeature :: Introducing Hariharan Iyer, #Author of Surpanakha

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*** Special Feature - March 2016 ***

About the Author:

Hariharan is a finance professional by default and a writer by choice. Not content with just a rewarding corporate job, he took to writing a couple of years ago. He blogged on media and current affairs for a year at valadyviews.blogspot.com before hitting on the idea for this novel. 
Strangely, he got the idea for his first novel while reading the balance sheets of a few NGOs and corporates! An idea so powerful that it convinced the accountant in him that he could put together not just a balance sheet but an intriguing political thriller as well. Indian cinema over the last many decades has created many stereotypes— ‘Media crusades against anything bad’, ‘netas are, without a doubt, evil’ and ‘human rights activists are God’s gift to earth’ to name a few. What if any of these stereotypes is wrong— What if a human rights activist, consumed by personal frustration, tries to bring down an elected government? What if media plays the role of pliable ally? What if a politician is a victim of circumstances? 
Answers to these what ifs, his wife’s challenge to write a novel out of them and about nine months’ of labour produced Surpanakha.
Hariharan lives with his wife in Dar es Salaam while his two sons are pursuing their ambitions in India. 

Random facts about the Author:
1. I firmly believe that fafdas and jalebis offer the best way to start a Sunday in Dar while the filter coffee of Adyar Ananda Bhavan does the same in Chennai.
2. Every time I rush to a toilet in a cinema hall, the guy before me takes the longest to pee while the queue before the rest of urinals moves fast. Does it happen to you?
3. An interesting book is a better medicine for constipation than most of the laxatives. Have you tried? 
4. I write for an hour early in the morning everyday thinking that it would bring out the best in me. However, I end up editing/ rewriting most of it late in the evening or during the weekend.

Contact Hariharan:

About the Book
Educated, young, no-nonsense bearing, able administrator—these are the qualities that won Sesha the loyalties of the people after three years of rule as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. An allegation that he was the mastermind behind the murder of 73 Kannadigas threatens to bring him down but he is miraculously saved in the 11th hour.

Even before he can relish his victory, Sesha is slapped with the charge of sexually offending a young nurse. This time round, the case is strong and his supporters are uncertain. Worse, his teenage daughter calls him 'vile' and walks out of the house. While Mythili, his wife promises her full support, her secretive activities—undertaken with the help of a retired cop—is a cause of concern for Sesha.

Will Zarina, the human-rights activist, succeed in bringing him down? What about the insinuations of a celebrity lawyer that he is casteist and anti-minorities? When the young nurse is found dead, the case becomes even more complex. Who is innocent? Who is guilty? And who is the mastermind?   

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Expected Date of Release:

March 15, 2016

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