04 March, 2016

#BookReview :: Love to Believe (Fireflies #2) by Lisa Ricard Claro

A woman in a man’s world… 
CPA Rebecca Walker wields a hammer and saw with skill, but it’s like fighting tooth and nail to prove to her chauvinistic father that she’s capable of managing the family construction business. Romance is a luxury Rebecca can’t afford. 
A man with secrets… 
Thanks to his past, romance isn’t in Sean Kinkaid’s future, so when Rebecca proposes ‘friends with benefits,’ Sean agrees. It’s the perfect scenario until love sneaks in—and Sean’s secrets tear them apart.
But Rebecca has a secret too, one she fears Sean will never accept. It will take intervention from an unlikely source to convince these two lovers they have the one thing neither of them ever expected to find…a love to believe. 

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Rebecca Walker has chosen a tough path. She is a woman in what is accepted as a man’s world. Being a woman in the construction business is certainly not easy. To top that she has a very conservative father who refuses to look past his daughter’s gender and entertain the idea that Rebecca could successfully takeover and handle his business one day. She knows she will have to fight tooth and nail to make her father see her as the talented and deserving individual that she is. Sean Kinkaid has a past that has him swear off relationships for good. He has no interest in looking for ‘the one’ nor does he believe in happily ever-after. These two people come to a friends with benefits sort of agreement as neither has the time or inclination for love. Over time, they cannot deny their chemistry or the fact that they might actually be falling in love with each other.

Rebecca reminded me of ‘Paige Hemmis’ from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Paige was in the show for carpentry and the only woman on the construction crew. She always carried a pink tool belt and I absolutely adored her for being one of the ‘guys’ yet maintaining her individuality on the show. For this reason I felt an instant connection to Rebecca. Besides, being a woman myself, I know how much harder women have to work just to ‘prove themselves’. Sean is a charmer for sure. He is sweet, witty and has a caring nature. It was easy to understand why Rebecca would eventually fall for him. The secondary characters in the book are equally well fleshed out and each adds to the elements of the story. It is really an endearing group of people. The story is emotionally packed from all ends and as such it is a heartwarming story. And the authors’ story telling compliments the plot – simple and cheery for most parts.

Overall, this is a complete entertainer and romance lovers are bound to enjoy it quite a bit. I hope to pick up the other books in the series.

Review Copy received via Netgalley

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