22 August, 2016

#SpecialFeature :: Meet the Protagonists from Breaking Free by Neha Nayak

*** Special Feature - August 2016 ***

About the Book:
Noya is a young woman who is full of life and is not scared to take her own decisions. She believes in leading a happy life and strongly believes that a happy life comes with bold decisions. Following her ideals, she takes the biggest decision of her life yet - calling off her wedding on the wedding day itself!

This decision turns her life upside down as the people close to her are busy refuting her at every step. Fed up of this negativity, she decides to reboot herself and travel alone. And this marked the beginning of a journey that will once again change the course of her life. On this journey, she meets Ranbir; a meeting which is not intentional but destined. In the beginning, Ranbir comes off as a stalker. However, with time she starts to realize the goodness inside him and slowly but surely, gets attached to him. Standing at the crossroads again, she takes another bold decision to marry Ranbir. Will this finally bring happiness in her life? Noya doesn’t know much about the past of Ranbir as they've just recently met. Will this come back to haunt her later on? Is this another trap? A gripping tale of love, respect and hope, the novel answers all these questions.

Meet the Protagonists

Noya Agnihotri

I got the idea of crafting Noya Agnihotri by observing real people, reading various stories happening in the world, listening to experiences and imagining some traits. What happens with Noya can happen with anyone, but her strength lies in the way she tackles her life. Many people suffer from depression due to various unwanted incidents in life but the one who instead of pulling back rather moves forward, turns out to be the real winner. Noya is my girl who from a confused and vulnerable girl transforms herself into a strong woman. Breaking Free is her story as she travels different phases in her life. At an earlier point in life, she meets Prakrit who she later realises has other intentions. Then later, she meets Ranbir whom she hates initially and suspects to be a stalker. But later they develop a bond of friendship. Read the story to know more.

Prakrit Raj

Almost all romantic stories I have read was based on perfect love. I wanted to write something different. Real life and love has ups and downs, incompatibilities, misunderstandings in relationships. So with this, Prakrit Raj was born in my story. In the plot, Prakrit and Noya develop a love relationship during their college days but later breakup on their wedding day. That is when Noya decides to travel alone Breaking Free. Read the story to know more.

Ranbir Mallya

Ranbir Mallya is a protagonist whom I want to meet in real life. Initially Noya and Ranbir are at tenterhooks but later, the bond between them grows into a cherished friendship. They have fights, confusions, misunderstanding but they prove that true relationships stand the test of time, distance and all obstacles. Ranbir supports Noya in overcoming her insecurities in life and Noya in turn understands, though little late, that Ranbir is the one she needed in life as a friend. Ranbir also proposes to Noya when he develops feelings for her but she has other plans. The trek to the mountain makes Noya more decisive. Read the story to know more.

About the Author:
Neha Nayak is currently working as a Senior Quality Assurance Manager in a Tata group company.

Breaking Free is her first novel which got published with Srishti Publishers, a leading publishing house based in New Delhi. The book is among the best sellers.

‘No-one is perfect and such realistic  protagonists can be found in her stories

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