05 September, 2016

#BookReview :: A Leap in a Blue Moon by Ishwar Vedam

Eleven year old Nidhi hates idioms, for the words never add up to the meaning. However, she is proved wrong when she falls through the ground while playfully mocking a leap in the dark on the night of a blue moon and lands in her castle in the air. After a brief stint as the queen of the castle, which crumbles and vanishes following her proclamation against idioms, she lands herself in a place called Graria where happenings violate common sense. Nidhi realizes she is trapped in a place where people and events have tumbled out of a dictionary of idioms. Freedom depends on understanding the rules of the game and figuring out the escape route. And that's no piece of cake because someone out there doesn't want her to go back... 

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This is more of a middle grade book that kind of reminded me of Alice in Wonderland.

Nidhi is like any other girl of her age. She loves almost everything about school, except idioms that is. She wants it banned from the syllabus on the whole. But one day while playing she falls through to a new world. She ‘lands’ in a castle in the air and it ultimately leads her to discovering the world of ‘Graria’ and a whole cast of characters. Unfortunately for her, everything in this new world seems to be connected to idioms!

While the concept of falling through to a different world may not seem very original and some of the characters/situations may feel vaguely familiar to the reader. However, the author has managed to make the book interesting in other ways. The narrative and the language compliment the world building style and as a result, the reader gets a complete view of ‘Graria’. The author has managed to keep the language simple enough for his intended audience while making sure every middle grade reader has something to learn from the book. The varieties of characters that add to the story are certainly colourful and they keep the readers entertained. Plus, one has to admit, that a world completely intertwined with the idioms feels tad bit hilarious. Added bonus is the number of pictures that are peppered throughout the book to go along with the narrative.

The book’s cover is interesting though it doesn’t giveaway much as to the plot of the book. But once you have finished reading, it is easy to connect the characters on the cover to the story. The book turned out to be a light read for me though I am sure, middle grade readers will appreciate it more. 

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